AHRAdatalynx Usage

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By AHRA Staff

July 2012—Since AHRAdatalynx launched, AHRA members have been discovering the value of this new benchmarking tool, as 154 members have filled out the surveys so far in the following content areas:

  • Productivity and Utilization: 114 completed
  • Compensation and Benefits: 84 completed
  • Equipment and Usage: 70 completed
  • Financials: 53 completed
  • Radiologists and Turnaround Time (TAT): 72 completed
  • Referring Physicians: 67 completed

Thank you to all who have contributed their facility’s data thus far.

We’ve had some encouraging participation, but it’s not quite enough for a statistically significant dataset. If you have not done so already, please fill out the surveys so that we can open up Levels Two and Three of AHRAdatalynx and make the full data set available for viewing.

There is a large geographic spread of members who have filled out the surveys, but as of now, New England has the fewest responses with only three facilities completing any of the major sections. New England is a competitive region (we have the best sports teams in the country, after all – AHRA staff are a little biased as New England natives), so we’re confident that this region can step it up and help bring us to our goal!

Data integrity is very important to keep in mind while you are filling out these surveys. If false data is entered just to mark a survey as complete, nobody will benefit. Because it can skew the dataset, any data seen to be false will not be included in the final dataset. It is only worth it to you and your fellow AHRA members if you take the time to enter the correct data, so make sure you double-check what you’ve entered before you submit it!

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