AHRAdatalynx: Worth the Time

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By Brian Matsusaka, CRA, RT

June 2012—I was introduced to AHRAdatalynx at the AHRA Spring Conference in Seattle. A display was strategically set up next to the entrance of the exhibit hall and I felt compelled to take a moment to listen to a presentation regarding this benchmarking tool.  The survey menu highlighted the six core categories: productivity & utilization, financials, compensation & benefits, equipment & usage, radiologists & turnaround time (TAT), and referring physicians. There are sub-categories within each category such as facility profile, procedure volumes, geographical distribution, etc. I was intrigued by the value this tool could provide for imaging leaders across the country.

In order for this tool to be able to provide you with the most comprehensive data, participants are required to fill out six lengthy surveys. Because of time constraints, I opted not to fill out the surveys at the conference and waited until I returned to work. I realize many of you (myself included) think that you cannot or will not find the time to participate in filling out these surveys. However, in this era of healthcare, where we are held accountable for maximizing our productivity and utilization and improving our bottom lines, I would highly encourage all of you to set aside some time to view the interactive demo to see just how easy the process is.

The questions in the surveys include a breakdown of your FTEs, staffing levels, salaries, equipment usage, TAT, referring physicians, and much more. You can find a list of all the survey categories here. To help expedite the process of filling these out, have your productivity and financial reports readily available. You’ll need to reference this information to answer most of the questions in the surveys.

If you are worried that you will not have enough time to sit down and enter all of this information at once, you could decide to spend a few minutes a day to complete portions of the surveys and spread it out over a period of time. I was able to complete the surveys in their entirety in approximately 30 minutes.

I’m convinced AHRAdatalynx will be a valuable resource for me as I manage my finances, efficiencies, capital assets, and business growth opportunities. I promise this will be an investment worthy of your time.

Aloha from Hawaii.

Brian Matsusaka CRA, RT is the director of imaging services at Castle Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii. He can be reached at matsusbi@ah.org.

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