A Fantastic Learning Experience for a New Manager

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By Danielle Jaramillo 

June 2012—What an honor it was to be the Osborn Scholarship recipient for the 2012 Spring Conference in Seattle. The city was breathtaking, and I was able to visit many iconic places. I went to the world famed Space Needle: this distinctive structure is over 660 feet high and provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding area, including Elliot Bay and Lake Washington. I was able to  cross off another destination on my bucket list: the world famous fresh fish market, where I went behind the counter and caught a large fish (barely… slippery thing). The eclectic eateries and unique shopping stands were also memorable… as well as all of the leaders I connected with. What an outstanding group of trailblazers!

The CRA exam workshop was very beneficial, and the speakers were knowledgeable. Luann Culbreth spoke about test taking tips, strategies for passing, and the methods of the exam. I learned how to prepare for the exam, but most importantly, that the topics (human resource management, fiscal management, asset resource management, operations management, and communication/information management) are areas I encounter in my everyday work practice. Do you know the difference between fixed, flexed, and zero based budgets?  The class teaches you this. I felt that this would better prime me for my new role as radiology operations manager. As of the writing of this article, I am anticipating taking the CRA exam this month (May)… wish me luck!

The knowledge I gained and the connections I established at this conference were both very positive experiences. I had the ability to collaborate on important matters that are pervasive in the industry and build lasting relationships with others. As a new manager, I learned how other leaders navigated through similar obstacles, struggles, and successes. I had a better understanding of how others enhanced operational efficiencies. Meeting these dynamic people, I took the opportunity to learn best practices that could be leveraged in my own organization, including groundbreaking processes and tools, physician engagement strategies, employee recognition practices, and strategically competitive technologies.

Lastly, I was honored to be a co-presenter on the topic “Achieving World Class Service in Imaging by Embracing Transformational Excellence.” This was a chance for me to contribute to the professional development of others by showcasing my specific lessons learned from a new leader point-of-view on patient engagement satisfaction. We had audience participation and explained the process step by step from where we were three years ago and the road that we took to transform into a world class department.

As a new manager, this conference offered multifaceted opportunities and knowledge to my diagnostic imaging role. I learned about groundbreaking research, evidence based practices like pre/post discharge phone calls, new trends in the industry, and lessons learned from peer organizational leaders. The Advanced and Basic tracks that I attended touched on every aspect of my role and will heighten my awareness both inside and outside my scope of understanding accountability. It helped me prepare a budget, coach associates, how to code properly, understand unions, and a plethora of information that I use today in my business. The relationships that I established through networking have already contributed to the development of my career.

Thank you, AHRA, for this great experience and the ability to “sharpen my saw” for future learning opportunities in order to stay strategically competitive.

Editor’s Note: The deadline for the 2012 Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship is June 11, 2012. Three scholarships will be awarded for the Annual Meeting, providing up to $1500 to cover hotel, travel, and meals. Conference registration will also be covered separate from the scholarship funds. Click here for more information and to apply for an Annual Meeting Osborn Scholarship.

Danielle Jaramillo is the manager of radiology operations at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL.  She can be reached at danielle.jaramillo@advocatehealth.com.


  1. I passed my CRA exam!!!
    Danielle Jaramillo CRA,BS, RT (R)(M), ARDMS

  2. Way to go Danielle!
    Me Too!
    I’m right along with you.

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