Presenting the 2012-2013 AHRA Board of Directors Election Candidates

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By AHRA Staff

May 2012—Elections for the 2012-2013 Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place online at beginning May 29, 2012 and end at midnight June 29, 2012. Voting is open to all members in good standing. Emeritus members may not vote.

Please check out our homepage during the month of May for a special election candidate edition of the featured member profiles for additional information on each of the candidates!

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Michelle M. Wall, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging
Mercy Health
Fairfield, Ohio


There are several things I can offer AHRA if elected to this position.

First is my experience within AHRA: Finance Director; Director on the Board; Chair of the Member Recognition Committee; member of the Rapid Review and Editorial Award Selection Committees; Partners in Learning host; Link and Radiology Management author; Fellow; and CRA.

Second is my dedication to providing educational opportunities. During my recent board service, AHRA launched two programs: the Leadership Institute, a program designed to offer education programs for all levels of experience; and theFoundationPartnership Initiative, an initiative designed to meet the educational needs of its members, fund critical research, and develop new avenues for disseminating knowledge. I am committed to programs and services that will support these opportunities and develop funding sources to assure financial success.

Finally is my professional experience. I have worked for hospitals ranging from 12 to 975 beds; rural and urban; stand-alone facilities and health systems; and Northeast,Midwest and Mountain regions. My diverse experience affords me a professional connection with many of you, the AHRA membership.

Ed Yoder, CRA, FAHRA
Administrative Director, Medical Imaging
Winter Haven Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida


I feel I can provide AHRA with the leadership it needs to grow and develop and push membership to the next level while pushing the envelope on developing resources for growing and mentoring the next generation of imaging administrators. I have experience in community, rural, and academic healthcare, as well as developing outpatient imaging centers, working with physician groups, and running my own business. I believe this will help me understand the wide spread concerns, issues, and needs of our membership. I am a CRA and AHRA Fellow and support those certifications and designations.

I am honored to currently serve on the AHRA board and have been involved in some fantastic accomplishments as a board member and AHRA volunteer. I voted for free CEU credits for members, watched over our finances as a member of the Finance Committee, developed advanced and basic leadership courses, as well as class instruction. I worked on dashboard product development and strategic planning. I am a regular columnist in Radiology Management, a former member of the Radiology Management Editorial Review Board, and most importantly, I support AHRA and what it stands for.

The healthcare environment has been ever changing and it will continue to change. How our organization positions itself with these changes will be very important. We, as an organization, will have to position ourselves to stay viable. I will ensure this occurs. I offer strong leadership in facilitating change and bring about process improvement. As the association of choice for medical imaging, we need to position AHRA to be the leader in imaging operations and use our membership’s knowledge to drive those initiatives to help imaging operations to be strong in the facilities in which we work. Our membership will look to us to provide those metrics and I will work to see that they are developed and implemented.

AHRA Director-at-Large Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Jennifer Brase, CRA
Imaging Director
Nebraska Methodist Health System

I would like the opportunity to dedicate my time to a profession and an organization that I am very passionate about. I will be able to reciprocate the professional growth and support that I have received through my peers in AHRA. The most important role that I could have would be to participate in ensuring that AHRA is the premier resource and vehicle for the ongoing development of medical imaging leadership.

Ernesto A. Cerdena, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging Services
Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Putnam Hospital Center
Poughkeepsie, New York

To prepare for the impact of healthcare reform in imaging, it is paramount that all AHRA members must form a pact, share notes about “best practices,” ideas and innovations towards operational sustainability and financial stability. AHRA and its membership should focus on access, quality/safety, and cost, which are triad of effective healthcare delivery system for our patients. This can be realized through education, vendor partnerships and networking, and resources available from AHRA.

Whether I get elected or not, I will continue my strong involvement and citizenship with AHRA not only to serve as the voice for all administrators facing similar opportunities and challenges during this healthcare reform era, but also partake with the full deployment of strategic goals and alignments which will ultimately benefit our members.

Locally, I will work very hard to increase AHRA membership. Globally, I will serve as an ambassador for AHRA and its members towards continuous recognition of our profession as one of the most accepted and highly respectable in healthcare.

Judy LeRose
Director, Radiology Services
Prince William Health Systems
Manassas, Virginia

It is an honor to be considered for election to the Board of Directors. I have been an AHRA member since 1989, and have had the distinct opportunity to take advantage of the resources of the organization and tap into the knowledge and expertise of its members. Throughout most of my career, AHRA has been my professional home because it is most aligned with my interests and goals.

Healthcare will continue to challenge our abilities as successful leaders. I will work hard to ensure that AHRA continues to prosper and be perceived as the professional imaging management organization of choice. If elected to the board, I will use my perspective as a leader and a member to complement the association’s focus on education, best practices, and networking as it seeks out new opportunities for growth and outreach in the 21st century.

Angelic P. McDonald, CRA
Director of Imaging and Therapeutic Services
Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
Houston, Texas

I entered the imaging field with purpose.  It was not an accident, but an act of consciousness.  My initial interests lay in the sciences and modalities themselves.  Thus I became a proficient radiologic, CT and MR technologist. As an RT in the USAF, they taught me to take pride in being the best I could.  It was with maturity that I found what I truly loved, which is planting this same passion in others; creating a vision, founded in professional pride, grown with passion for our people and harvested in the successes of our members.  I would like to be a part of the AHRA Board of Directors because I believe medicine will improve as our field improves.  Our hospitals will succeed financially proportional to the skills of our membership.  As a member of the board, I would not only bring a wide range of experiences to the table (military imaging, for-profit, non-profit, and research), but hold us true to the principles to which AHRA was initially founded: members helping members through networking.  Providing a collaboration of knowledge, experience and best imaging practices across our country and the globe!

Melody W. Mulaik
Coding Strategies, Inc.
Powder Springs, Georgia

There has arguably never been a more chaotic time in healthcare than today. The demand for exceptional imaging management is increasing in this challenging environment. I believe that is important that radiology professionals continue to expand their knowledge of the business of radiology for both the professional and technical perspectives. As organizations continue to merge and acquire other entities it is imperative that radiology leaders be equipped to handle all types of business models and needs. It has been my honor to volunteer with AHRA for a number of years and it would be an ever greater honor to serve our members on the Board of Directors. I believe that I can bring a unique perspective on the industry and use my knowledge for the greater good of the organization. AHRA is uniquely positioned to impact the healthcare industry. With a strong foundation of members, organizations, and vendors working together there is no limit to what we can accomplish for the radiology community!

Marci D. Paulk, CRA
Director of Diagnostic Imaging
Fort Walton Beach Medical Center
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

As a member of the Board of Directors, I would dedicate myself to continuing to inform and educate our audiences and to positively influence their perception of AHRA. I would strive to increase AHRA membership/sponsorship participation by creating an environment where supporting us is the “right thing to do.” I would participate in activities and events sponsored by the organization, and encourage participation by others. I would also take personal responsibility through special assignments as required as they relate to the advancement of AHRA’s mission and services, policies and programs and be faithful to the mission and goals of the organization. When acting on behalf of the organization, I would promise to always give priority to its interests, mission, and values.

Peggy Pust, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging Services
Monongalia General Hospital
Morgantown, West Virginia 

During the time that I have been a member of AHRA I have received a great deal of guidance and support from the members and the various programs offered. I think as a radiology administrator, this organization is crucial to our success. I have been an active member for a number of years and have volunteered in several different capacities, in an attempt to give back to AHRA. I feel that I am ready to participate at the board level and help to support and shape the future of our AHRA programs. I believe that AHRA will play a major role in guiding future leaders, and I am anxious to contribute and be a part of the process. I think I have a realistic understanding of the interests of many of our members and would love to see more involvement at the supervisory levels. I am honored to be nominated and, if elected, I am ready to give my best for this organization as I believe in the mission at hand.

Brenda Rinehart, CRA
Director Medical Imaging
Overlake Hospital Medical Center
Bellevue, Washington 

I have been a member of AHRA since 2004 when my director introduced me to the organization. I became instantly enthralled to find an organization that emulated the values of our profession. I immediately joined and took the CRA exam—I was all in from the beginning. As a result, I have attended EVERY annual meeting and made an effort to volunteer, present, and speak on numerous occasions. Over a year and half ago, I met another local AHRA member and became actively involved in developing our statewide AHRA group. I have since co-directed this group and assisted with AHRA area meetings for the last six consecutive quarters. I plan to continue this level of leadership in Washington. In the past year, I was appointed National Chair for the membership campaign and have assisted many AHRA members in various states to raise awareness of AHRA and the value of membership. Becoming a board member will provide another opportunity to utilize my professional skills to promote and build AHRA.


  1. I’m still trying to figure out why there is such a large desparity in the number of African- American representatives in not just this organization, but all of the Radiology societies in this country. As one myself I have notice this gap for several years, technologist have got ot reach out to all of the masses, because more representation, more progress for all. I can be reached out for suggestions anytime. I have been an technologist for over 30 years and still going strong in all of my current modalities.

  2. GREAT group of candidates! Job well done for the nominations committee.

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