May Days

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By Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA

May 2012—In looking at my calendar for the month of May, I noticed it is full of “days” to celebrate: Cinco De Mayo, Nurses Day, Mother’s Day, Derby Day, Memorial Day, birthdays, and graduation days. There are probably others I’m forgetting. Someone recently told me that May is asparagus month. What I don’t understand is… what are we supposed to do to celebrate asparagus? (I prefer mine grilled.) Add to those some AHRA days with local area meetings in Atlanta, Sacramento, and Chicago. Plus AHRA will be at the RBMA Summit inOrlando. That about wraps up May days – well, somewhere in there are work days.

A big day for AHRA is May 29. This is the date the election process opens to select a 2012-2013 president-elect and four new board directors. The president-elect candidates this year are Michelle Wall and Ed Yoder. The director candidates are Jennifer Brase, Ernie Cerdena, Judith LeRose, Angelic McDonald, Melody Mulaik, Marci Paulk, Brenda Rinehart, and Peggy Pust. The nominations committee worked very hard to bring forth this great list of candidates. Congratulations to each of them, and good luck! Now, everyone please vote when the ballot is launched. Your vote makes a difference in AHRA’s future. Seriously!

At the board meeting inTexaslast month the directors reviewed the results of the AHRA member survey conducted in March. The response rate was 19% with a total of 750 usable responses. The analysis was very in depth, but here are four attributes that were rated with the highest importance, therefore requiring the greatest degree of attention and resources from AHRA:

  • Monitor regulatory issues that impact medical imaging management, and provide resources that address these issues.
  • Expanding knowledge of medical imaging management, keeping pace with changing environments.
  • Advanced professional development opportunities in business and management.
  • Executive leadership development opportunities.

There are 117 pages of survey outcomes to work through. The AHRA office and board are diving deep into the key findings to continue focusing on the needs of the membership. Thank you to the 750 respondents for speaking up for the needs of our organization. Your input will help determine the board’s focus over the next year and beyond.

My AHRA Board of Directors spotlight this month is on Peggy Pust. Peggy is currently serving a one year term on the board to fill a vacancy created by Kevin Hendrickson’s move to Finance Director last year. You will see Peggy’s name on the ballot this month as she runs for a full three year board term. Peggy is the director of imaging at Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown, WV. She began her career back in the late 1980s in diagnostic radiology. She has also worked in mammography, became an OP supervisor, then a PACS administrator, and then moved into her current director role in 2002. Peggy has been a CRA since 2002. You can contact Peggy at for anything about AHRA. She has been an active participant on the board for only being of service one year. More importantly, Peggy is active in her church, with her young adult children, her husband (who is a runner), and loves reading and gardening. But don’t cross her about the Pittsburgh Pirates – they are avid baseball fans!

On a personal note, I want to share with you that it has been 10 months since my sister Karen was diagnosed with stage 3C ovarian cancer. She has just returned home from all this time in treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She has an uphill fight, but thanks to so many prayers she is fighting. Your continued expressions of thoughts for me and my family have been uplifting and humbling – thank you.

Enjoy your May days!


Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA is president of the 2011-2012 AHRA Board of Directors. She is executive director of cardiology, medical imaging, radiation oncology at Saint Thomas Health in Nashville, TN and can be reached at


  1. Luann,
    Out here in Central California, we have an Asparagus Festival in Stockton every year at the end of April. You can get all kinds of asparagus cooked all kinds of ways. There is an eating contest that rivals the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest in New York, only the contestants are eating asparagus.
    Great fun as long as you are not a Coumadin patient. 🙂

  2. Robbie – I am going to add that to my ‘Gotta do this before I croak’ list!! LOVE asparagus!!

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