AHRAdatalynx : A Fancy New Measuring Stick

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By Brian Baker, President, Regents Health Resources

May 2012—It’s easy to take for granted the contributions you make to your patients and their families when at the end of a long day of work, a senior naysayer calls and asks why your FTE’s are over budget. You protest to the naysayer, “I believe you lack perspective and this is why ______ (fill in the blank)”.  The naysayer, open to a new perspective, wants to see the evidence, the numbers, the facts. Unfortunately, you have no measuring stick to produce the evidence you need to back up your claim and are left exposed and vulnerable.

At the AHRA Spring Conference in Seattle a fancy new measuring stick for medical imaging was announced: AHRAdatalynx. The product of a partnership between AHRA and the National Imaging Network, a division of Regents Health Resources, AHRAdatalynx is an online tool developed with input from AHRA leadership and an AHRA task force that uses Regents’ imaging analytics tool to bring benchmarking and operations measures into the 21st century. It works by transforming AHRA’s traditional analog survey and benchmarking process into an online interactive tool that contains up to date information provided by members.

The process starts by collecting thousands of data elements via an online survey process. Once enough members have completed their surveys to represent a cross section of operations nationally, benchmarking will be enabled. What is new about this process is that the data will only be as old as the last survey completion by a member. In addition, instead of having to compare your performance by staring at page after page of tables, your data can be displayed in the context of the entire data set graphically when selecting the interactive datalynx option.

The process relies on accurate member information input. For example, if a member mistakenly enters an “annual” salary amount of $1 in the survey, the dataset becomes inaccurate as does that member’s benchmarks. For members who want to eliminate the need to run countless reports and create pivot tables to summarize operational performance, there is the option to join National Imaging Network at AHRA discounted rates. The need to complete surveys almost entirely goes away while benchmarking expands to include hundreds of measures, eliminating the risk of an oversight in data input that can skew your benchmarks.

As AHRAdatalynx continues to collect member data the measures we can use to arm ourselves against the naysayers will improve, providing timely and broad perspectives for imaging managers.  Check it out at www.ahraonline.org/datalynx to learn more!

Watch a demo of AHRAdatalynx below:

Brian Baker is the president of Regents Health Resources. He can be reached at  bbaker@regentshealth.com.

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