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By AHRA Staff

March 2012—Every month, a hypothetical management situation is posted. You are encouraged to share your thoughts (in the comment box below) on how you would address the issue. Here is this month’s question:

In honor of National Patient Safety Week (March 4-10, 2012):

Errors often result from a breakdown in the clinical process. What process redesign techniques are you introducing to ensure patient safety?

Be sure to check out others’ responses and join the discussion.

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  1. I have always believed that errors occur/result from a breakdown in communication rather than a breakdown in the workflow or clinical process. In my business, the clinical process or workflow is clearly defined in protocols and policies and all staff get oriented and informed each and every time a process is updated or changed.
    Communication on the other hand is defined differently by every one on the face of the planet. What you and I might expect as “routine communication” is intepreted by another as “unnecessary”. I believe this is the achilles heel of our profession.
    What we must push for is clear, concise, professional communication at all times across all disciplines in the medical environment. Better communication will create efficiencies in our workflow, reduce unnecessary work arounds, delays in test results and help bring different disciplines together to work for the same cause-Patient care and safety. I am sure there is more to write about regarding this thought. What do you think?

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