Recognize Your “Star Docs” on National Doctors’ Day

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By Mike Suddendorf, AHRA Marketing Director

March 2012—Having started my career in healthcare marketing in 1987,  I’ve seen my share of National Doctors’ Days come and go. Some years they would sneak up on us and we would scramble to pull something together worthy of our physician colleagues. On other occasions we would have more time and get a team of people working together to come up with a plan. In either situation, our goal was the same: to effectively show our appreciation for the role our dedicated medical staff members play in taking great care of the patients we serve.

Be sure to take time to say thanks to your medical staff on March 30, 2012. AHRA is even making it simple for you with the “Five-Star-Doc” Doctors’ Day Gift Package. You can order as few as one, or enough for your entire medical staff. It’s a great way to recognize your radiologists, referring physicians, or medical executive committee. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will support the AHRA Education Foundation.

Curious about the origin of Doctors’ Day?  It all started with a proclamation from George H. Bush in 1991 which you can read here.

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