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By Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA

March 2012—I don’t know about you, but even though there was an extra day in February it seemed to go by like a flash. And, yes, I did take Leap Day off. I loved it, had a great day of reflection, and plan to do it again in four years, if I don’t forget…

Now we’re in another month of seasonal change. Where I live in Tennessee signs of spring are busting out all over, including baby cows and a coyote that’s trying to make our neighborhood a home – yikes! I do live “out in the country” as they say, but some animals get our attention more than others.

As we spring into March, AHRA is also budding with activity:

  • The Get Serious Member Campaign is moving along very well. We are approaching 4,200 members and should break our all-time record in the next two weeks! Our zone structure is very active and has had or has scheduled over 20 local area meetings. These area meetings continue to be great support for our members and promote awareness of AHRA’s value to non-members.
  • Dana Allison, Mark Steffen and Art Tasaka are putting finishing touches on the upcoming Spring Conference in Seattle, WA. They have worked hard on the program with AHRA Conference Manager Jennifer Leo and are ready to show us AHRA in the Great Northwest. As usual, the conference will be a venue for the CRA Exam Workshop, Basic Track, Advanced Track, and vendor networking. I look forward to seeing you there!
  • The Nominations Committee is busy sorting through several great recommendations for the 2012-2013 President-Elect and Board of Directors. Thank you for the many nominations that were submitted online. The committee members are reading through each application and interviewing potential candidates from your nominees. The ballot will be ready for voting later this spring.
  • The Education Foundation is currently seeking nominations for candidates to represent the membership and the profession on the AHRA Education Foundation Board of Directors. Nominations will be accepted until March 30, 2012. Chaired by Ernie Cerdena, the Education Foundation is also considering another fundraising campaign strategy to sustain existing programs and fund new initiatives. If it weren’t for the Foundation, AHRA would not be able to offer a vast array of valuable programs, such as conferences, coding seminars, the Online Institute, grants, scholarships, mentoring, textbooks, and the list goes on. They will refine the strategy and plan for a public launch at the Annual Meeting in August.
  • Another very important project you will see this month is the AHRA Member Survey. Your input is critical to the understanding of members’ needs in order to continue planning for programs to support leaders in medical imaging management.  I know each of you can relate to the importance of a survey – please take the time to contribute to your future AHRA programs. Remember the MISSION: AHRA is a resource and catalyst for the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management. Your ideas and feedback keep this mission moving forward.

My AHRA Board of Directors spotlight this month is on Ernie Stewart. Ernie is currently serving his second term on the board and has been involved with AHRA since joining by serving on the Annual Meeting Design Team (and as a design team chair) and volunteering to introduce speakers. He also served as a member and chair of the Webinar Design Team. Ernie just began a new job last month as the director of imaging services at Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK. You can contact him at for anything about AHRA. And while you’re congratulating him on his new job, ask Ernie about his research as an eighth grader on the profession of radiologic technology.

If you find yourself near the middle of Tennessee on March 23rd I invite you to join us for the Nashville Area Meeting. Like all of AHRA’s area meetings this is FREE to attend.  I’m excited to host this meeting and am honored to have two AHRA past-presidents as speakers. If you can’t make this one, look for or plan to host an area meeting near you.

Keep moving forward!


Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA is president of the 2011-2012 AHRA Board of Directors. She is executive director of cardiology, medical imaging, radiation oncology at Saint Thomas Health in Nashville, TN and can be reached at

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