Gold Award Nominations Due March 30

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By AHRA Staff

March 2012—The AHRA Gold Award is the highest honor AHRA can bestow upon one of its members. This distinguished award is given to an AHRA member who has made significant contributions to the profession of imaging and healthcare administration.”

Yes, but what does this mean? AHRA is a volunteer based association that relies on its members for insight, guidance, and manpower. The Gold Award recognizes those members who have gone above and beyond the call to action. They have led the organization on the board of directors, served on numerous committees, been published in Radiology Management, shared their knowledge by speaking at AHRA conferences, acted as mentors to new members, and have remained loyal and focused on the AHRA mission. Without the significant contribution of these members your association would not be what it is today. The Gold Award is your opportunity to say thanks.
Robbie Edge, CRA, FAHRA, 2006 Gold Award:

“Receiving the Gold Award had to be one of the most humbling experiences in my life.  To think that someone thought I was deserving and nominated me, and that a committee of my peers felt I was deserving, and knowing this is the only award approved by the Board of Directors moved me to tears.  I was, and still am, honored to be thought of in the company of such accomplished AHRA members as Monte Clinton, Sharon Johnson, Brenda Holden, Mel Allen, Loretta Hanwell, Gordon Ah Tye, Sheila Sferrella, to name a few.

The Gold Award means you have contributed in a very meaningful way to AHRA and to our profession.  It also brings a responsibility to continue to mentor and be involved.”

Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA, 2004 Gold Award:

“What an honor to be recognized by one’s colleagues! I proudly display the gold award in my office and certainly enjoy the discussions it prompts where I seize the opportunity to brag about our AHRA association and all the benefits it brings to all involved. Being a recipient I believe calls me to a higher task, that being more engagement, more effort to mentor and encourage others to join the efforts of improving leadership, education and networking.”

Gordon Ah Tye, CRA, FAHRA, 2001 Gold Award:

“I will always feel indebted to the members of AHRA, for being given the opportunity to make a difference with whatever tools I could bring to our beloved organization and our very special members.  To be recognized with the Gold Award tells me that it was appreciated, and will forever be my most cherished professional accomplishment.”

Nominations for the Gold Award come directly from the membership and any member may nominate a candidate. All members of AHRA are eligible to be considered for the award.
To nominate someone, please complete the online nomination form. Nominations should include specific information as to why you believe the nominee should be considered for the AHRA Gold Award.  The Member Recognition Team reviews and submits a recommendation to the AHRA Board of Directors for final approval.

Additional information, including a complete list of Gold Award winners, may be found online at

Nominations are due March 30, 2012.

If you have any questions about the nomination process or the Member Recognition Team please contact Sarah Murray at

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