What Would You Do?

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By AHRA Staff

February 2012—Every month, a hypothetical management situation is posted. You are encouraged to share your thoughts (in the comment box below) on how you would address the issue. Here is this month’s question:

What steps would you take if you suspected one of your employees was acting aggressively with patients and/or staff, but no one was reporting the behavior?

Be sure to check out others’ responses and join the discussion.


  1. I would talk to his cooworkers to try to get information, if I fail I would try to document his behavior, using a hidden camera and, with proof of his atittude, confront or dismiss him.

  2. Most definately would require close observation and interviewing of patients. Also, meeting with the employee one on one in order to possibly determine there is an issue.

  3. I would get all the facts behind the alligation from co-workers as well as the employee in question. I would then determine if the alligations were true or not. If the issues at hand were work related, I would call the group together to discuss immediately to work out an alternative way to solve the issues. I would then make it VERY clear that aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in the MI department and that this behavior may/will lead to termination. If the alligations were personal in nature, I would not discuss the issue, only the ramifications behind unprofessional behavior and I would expect the “aggressor” to immediately stop the behavior.

    Lastly, I would notify HR, my immediate supervisor (CEO) to let them know of the situation and what I have done to address the issue.I would also document the heck out of the insident to make sure that if termination is the option, it is well documented for the future

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