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By Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA

February 2012—According to the calendar it’s a leap year and time to add an extra day, February 29th, to this typically short month. If I remember my science correctly, this has been done for centuries in order to keep our Gregorian calendar in sync with the seasons. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wished for more hours in a particular day, so now here we are with an extra day in the year. Did you know that people born on February 29th can be part of The Honor Society of Leap Year Day Babies?

Since it’s an extra day, clear and block off your calendar on the 29th so you can take the “LEAP for AHRA” challenge. Oh my, is it even possible to block off an entire day?! I’m going to have to reschedule a couple of things and be resolute to do this myself.

Here’s an idea from Mike Suddendorf, AHRA’s Director of Marketing:

L – Let your professional mind rest for the day.
E – Examine where your energy is being focused and redirect where necessary.
A – Accept the things you have no control over and move on.
P – Prepare a list of things that you should do to take better care of YOU.

I’m going to take the challenge and use Mike’s ideas to plan my day. As I think about AHRA and our strategic plan these descriptors of AHRA come to mind:

L – Leadership: development, dedication, expertise
E – Envisioned future: concrete, vibrant, engaging
A – Audacious goal: catalyst, passionate, indispensible
P – Professionalism: knowledge, expertise, cultivate

With both of these examples, AHRA can provide outlets through meetings, networking, and conferences. They enable us to connect with old friends, travel to a new place, and develop ourselves – both professionally and spiritually.

So take the challenge; you can do it! Make LEAP an acronym about your profession and/or how you’ll spend your day. I’m sure we can all come up with 366 reasons why we need a day to ourselves. Post a reply below to share your LEAP for AHRA!

My AHRA Board of Directors spotlight this month is on Cathleen Story. Cathy is in her second year of a three year term on the Board and has been an AHRA member since 1992. She has been a speaker and volunteer at AHRA annual meetings, an area coordinator for the AHRA Education Foundation Partnership Initiative, and a recipient of the Radiology Management Outstanding Article Award. Cathy is the administrator of diagnostic services at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA.  She is responsible for three hospital sites and several OP areas, as well as non-invasive cardiology at three hospitals and two cardiology diagnostic centers. Cathy has been at Lehigh Valley for 35 years, where she began as a radiologic technologist, worked in the OR, and then moved to various management positions. Her personal interests are reading, fitness, and golf (both watching and playing). Please contact Cathy at Cathleen.Story@lvhn.org for anything about AHRA. Having been a member for 20 years, she can certainly speak to the resources, strengths, and networking opportunities AHRA has to offer. I bet Cathy will LEAP for AHRA!

The free AHRA Area Meetings have been received with noticeable success and this month there is one scheduled each week.  Louisiana, California, Indiana, and Ohio have some great programs planned.  These meetings are FREE to attend and are superb ways to LEAP for your professional self.  Check out these and other opportunities under Upcoming Events on the AHRA homepage.

One last bit of trivia about February 2012:

It’s the only month this year that begins and ends on the same day of the week, Wednesday.

And although there are only 29 days in the month, five of them are Wednesdays.

The only other months with five Wednesdays have 31 days:  May, August, and October.

Love Enjoy Appreciate Prosper!


Luann Culbreth, M Ed, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT, FAHRA is president of the 2011-2012 AHRA Board of Directors. She is executive director of cardiology, medical imaging, radiation oncology at Saint Thomas Health in Nashville, TN and can be reached at Luann.Culbreth@stthomas.org.

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