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By Enrico M. Perez, CRA, FAHRA

October 2011–This year has been an exciting one, with many great results from the RACC. The journey included the recognition of the CRA credential within many imaging and healthcare organizations. We saw the very positive results from the rewriting of the CRA exam, and how this affected the number of CRAs who had registered for the new exam and earned the credential. The new facility certificate that was created so that facilities can display to the public and referring physicians that the facility employs a CRA as a statement of their commitment to excellence and the leadership of the center. The certificate also states that the CRA credential is recognized by the AHRA, ACR, AAMA, RBMA, and the ARRT, which is important to us as CRAs since other organizations’ recognition helps those who aren’t yet familiar with the CRA understand its legitimacy. This is a work in progress and will continue into the future and, hopefully, this recognition will continue to grow and lead to being a requirement in many organizations. 

These results did not happen without involvement of the RACC commissioners who are elected by the active CRA membership. This commission has seven elected commissioners, six of whom are active CRAs and one who is a public member. They are elected to three year terms, but can serve an additional term if reelected. Unlike many elected officials, our commissioners must step down after a second term.  This year, we have two members of the RACC who have come to the end of their terms which will leave us with a void. Phyllis Butterworth (our public member) and Luis Marquez (commissioner and current RACC vice chair) will be missed by the remaining commissioners. But this loss will enable other CRAs who have the desire to serve to be elected.  In the very near future, the ballots for the commissioner position will be open (per RACC Policy and Procedure, the public member is elected by the CRA commissioners). The nomination process is underway and, of those nominated, the nominations committee will select candidates to be placed on the ballot. This process will be completed and the ballot will open in late October – all active CRAs are eligible to vote.

This is YOUR chance to have a voice in who is serving on the RACC to ensure the mission of increasing the number of certified healthcare and imaging directors, as well as improve the recognition of our logo through marketing and education.    

When the ballots open, please take the time to become familiar with the candidates and then VOTE for the best CRA to represent you in the years to come.

Enrico (Rick) M. Perez, CRA, FAHRA is administrative director at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY. He is secretary/treasurer on the 2011 Radiology Administration Certification Committee (RACC) and can be reached at

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