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By Bruce Hammond, CRA

September 2011–My first article as a new RACC commissioner has a play on words using a term familiar to all of us from our clinical days in radiology. As a new commissioner, I was somewhat unsure of how to approach topics, set my priorities, or what my specific contribution would be for the RACC during my term. Now, several months later, I am no more certain. And that is a good thing. I can tell you, though, the RACC commissioners have been “working it!” We have increased numbers and are making strides to gain wider acceptance within the whole of the healthcare provider community.

The AHRA Annual Meeting, recently held in Grapevine, Texas (no, not Dallas) was an extraordinary meeting. The facility was great, the attendance good, and the excitement level was high. The shortened format (in case you didn’t realize it, the meeting was one day shorter, ending after the Wednesday evening festivities) seemed to be lost on most of the attendees as the meeting left little down time or wasted space. What was VERY encouraging was the traffic through the RACC booth in the exhibit hall. We saw significant traffic related to two items for current CRAs and one for everyone else. The current CRAs wanted, in this order: replacement lapel pins and the new facility certificate. The certificate was a big hit and many wanted to either just comment, make sure they knew how to order it, or bragged about where they were displayed at their own facilities. It is certainly satisfying to see ideas come to fruition and be embraced by credential holders. (Thanks should go to the RACC marketing committee for working it on this very well received project.) So what did everyone else want who stopped by the booth? An application!

We were also afforded the opportunity by the American Academyof Medical Administrators (AAMA) to access their CAAMA credential at an incredible price for a short time. Read about it under the news tab at This is a great opportunity to obtain a credential. And the offer is now extended until September 30! Be sure to review this opportunity to see if it fits your career goals. The RACC commissioners are working it to provide wider acceptance and, in this case, size matters. A growing group of 800+ CRAs is much more attractive than a stagnant 500+.

All of these activities are examples of working it – taking action to make things happen, expanding horizons, looking outside the norm. These are the ways your RACC commissioners are working it to enhance and, at the same time, protect the credential. Do your part – order your facility certificate today, encourage your administration to place it with The Joint Commission and Medicare approvals in the lobby. Become conversant in describing the value of the certificate. Encourage subordinates to become CRAs, mentor them to success. Be an advocate, get administration to include “CRA preferred” on all radiology management job descriptions and make sure the other department heads know what you have accomplished. The time is now to be a force multiplier for the credential’s reach and influence. Get out there and work it and it will work for you. This credential is already opening doors. So step up and open your door – let in those who work for you and make sure you find a way of “working it!” that gets you noticed.

Bruce Hammond, CRA is executive vice president at Diagnostic Health Services in Addison, TX and serves as a commissioner on the 2011 Radiology Administration Certification Committee (RACC). He can be reached at

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