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By Wesley Harden, CRA

September 2011–I am sitting in the airport after the AHRA Annual Meeting waiting for my flight to take me back to the real world of productivity meetings, budgeting, physician visits, and rounding. But what a week it has been! Over the last four days I have once again been inspired, invigorated, educated, and reconnected. I find myself feeling relaxed and truly ready to once again jump into the fray.

I need to thank my boss for allowing me this opportunity. Now, I am going to show him how thankful I am by taking the things I learned and putting them to use. That is, after all, why we go to meetings like this, right? I mean, the camaraderie is good and we always have so much fun! Ultimately, though, it is about finding ways to do what we do better. And imagine how much better we could be if even more of us were in attendance! More opportunities to debrief about sessions, more members to give you their feedback, more chances to share your stories and hear others share theirs.

One thing I have learned in the years I have been an AHRA member is that there is always someone out there that has likely been through what I am going through or is going through it too. The more we collaborate, the more solutions that are found. I don’t know about you, but that excites and inspires me. Not only do we need to find ways to involve more of our fellow imaging leaders, but we need to find more opportunities to share. Involvement on the AHRA Forum, Link, Radiology Management, and local meetings in addition to increasing participation in our annual meeting is key to this. Join me in reaching out to those you know. If they are members, encourage their attendance. If they aren’t, invite them to join. Then they, too, can become inspired, invigorated, educated, and reconnected.

Trust me – it feels great!

Wesley Harden, CRA is director of radiology at Florida Hospital Deland in Deland, FL. He can be reached at

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