Who’s in Your Network?

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By Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA

August 2011–Saving the best for last? I don’t think so, but my final push for this year has to be focused on our association’s greatest need and my analogy I trust will hit the mark for you.

I’m sitting at my home office on a hot summer evening, fingers on the keyboard for my last President’s Post. I’ve got pictures totally covering the wall: family, friends, good times, and of course Lily, our first granddaughter (come meet her in Dallas!). I must confess that one year ago, I was not at all looking forward to a monthly article. I’m not fond of writing, and as a result I am challenged to understand how my good friends Gordon Ah Tye and Gary Boyd continue to advise and entertain us with such regularity in Radiology Management. Kudos to you both and to all the other authors who diligently put pen to paper and craft such great communications about important issues and hot topics; we all appreciate your efforts.

So writing a monthly article is clearly not my forte. It’s interesting how things can spark an idea to discuss, like my wall of snapshots for this one. That being said, I actually have learned to enjoy the writing task, so for all of you who are reluctant for one reason or another to get involved with AHRA, I’m living proof that a challenge can be overcome, and that you too could get through your obstacle. I’d certainly recommend giving it a try.

So my final question for each of you is: who’s your most important person at work?

I suspect Survey Monkey would say: boss, VP, CFO, COO, CNO, CIO, CPO (okay, so who knows what a CPO is? Chief People Officer), number one assistant, top tech, PACS administrator—the list of course could go on and on. I bet when you get right down to it, the “network guy” is probably at the top. If the network fails, so does every other position and function. The whole place grinds to a halt, it seems. Suddenly the network team is on everybody’s emergent call list. Favors are called in and those who receive priority response are envied. And guess what? A good “network guy” is also important at home or during our commute time. When that cell phone call drops, of course right in the middle of a crisis, we clearly understand the importance of that 3G/4G, and even our home network. Seems like the world comes to a halt when any network is down.

My premise is that it’s who you know, or, in other words, your “network” that often makes all the difference. Family, friends, colleagues—our personal and professional network is vital to balance, efficiency, effectiveness, satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and on and on. And when the network is broad and fast, even better. So my friends, as I wrap up my year of service, thanks for being part of my network and our AHRA network. I would ask that you specifically invite more of your network to join our network. With a larger membership (our greatest need, IMHO), we will enhance, improve, speed up, and reach farther, to all of our benefits.

Our association changes out the “network guy/gal”—aka president—at the conclusion of our Annual Meeting in Dallas. Not to fear: the network is robust, and all hands are on deck to ensure no calls get dropped. We’ve got some great leaders ready to grab the reigns in Dallas. As I transition out, I would ask that you invite them into your network, get to know them, and if possible utter my three favorite words to them: “I can help.”

There is still time and we have room for you in Dallas. Please push a little harder and join in. Every AHRA meeting (annual, regional, and local) is a great place to add to your network, face to face.

Thanks for a great year of networking!

See you in Dallas,

Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA is President of the 2010-2011 AHRA Board of Directors. He lives in Loma Linda, CA and can be reached at rrhynus@llu.edu.

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