RACC’s Exciting Summer Conclusion

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By Jacqui Rose, CRA

August 2011–August is a very exciting time for the RACC and all CRAs.  By now, you should have received the call for nominations for new RACC commissioners.  This year there is one commission seat and one public member seat open for nomination.  All members will hold a three year term on the commission.  Do you know an amazing CRA that could bring new expertise and energy to the group? Please click here to nominate someone. The deadline for nominations is August 26! All CRAs will want to mark their calendar for the election, which will begin October 31 and continue through November 28, 2011. We are looking forward to a great new commissioner!

August is also time for the 39th Annual Meeting and Exposition. The Annual Meeting is always a great educational and networking experience with many excellent opportunities for current and future CRAs.  Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to visit the RACC booth (#323) in the Exhibit Hall!  Whether you are a current CRA or would like more information on this certification, you can get all you need from the RACC members at the booth.

Last year, I spent some time in the booth, and met many great CRAs and some amazing future CRAs. It was exciting to see and feel the energy that each new person held for the opportunity! It was a great opportunity to network and learn from each other as well as provide information to potential new CRA candidates. Many future CRAs have the same concerns, “Am I ready to take the test?” At the booth, they will have access to information about the online sample test and the condensed reference list.  These are key tools to help you prepare for the test. Please visit the booth or our website for additional information.

Lastly, all current CRAs must be sure to spend time at the CRA Reception during the Annual Meeting. It is always a great way to relax and network with other CRAs.

I look forward to see you in Dallas!

Jacqui Rose, CRA is administrative director of imaging services at Upper Valley Medical Center in Troy, OH. She serves as a commissioner on the 2011 Radiology Administration Certification Committee (RACC). She can be reached at jfrose@uvmc.com.

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