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August 2011–New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Gaspar Apolinar, Fredericksburg, TX
Tammy Burgess
, Mount Pleasant, SC
Phyllis Burton
, Irving, TX
Tammy Burton
, Wellington, FL
Janet Champagne
, Houston, TX
Daniel Chapa
, Phoenix, AZ
James Collins
, Mesquite, TX
Tanya Conger
, Seattle, WA
Shirley DeVera
, Seattle, WA
Lin Dworshak
, Pensacola, FL
Terrell Evans
, Houston, TX
Joan Farnum
, Saratoga Springs, NY
David Ferulli
, Seattle, WA
Diane Fogell
, Phoenix, AZ
Peter Ghavami
, Seattle, WA
Trevor Golden
, Staten Island, NY
Dennis Haas
, Key Largo, FL
Gail Hardenbrook
, Louisville, KY
Ben Hauberg
, Seattle, WA
Jan Henderson
, Marshall, TX
Debra Jennings
, Norman, OK
Belinda Jester
, Greensboro, NC
Pamela Kidd
, Phoenix, AZ
Daniel Kwak
, Chicago, IL
Michael Locke
, Sun City, AZ
Susan Macleod-Clancy
, Calgary, Alberta Canada
Julian Miranda
, Fort Sam Houston, TX
Katherine Mohr
, Baltimore, MD
Dave Monaghan
, Salt Lake City, UT
Ron Norris
, Garland, TX
Eddie Oliver
, Seattle, WA
Susana Orozco
, Seattle, WA
Julie Pearson
, Seattle, WA
Amy Petty
, Fort Worth, TX
Elena Pewtress
, Seattle, WA
Heather Phipps, Norfolk, VA
Krista Runge
, Pearland, TX
Carol Schweitzer-Schilling
, Middletown, CT
Cheryl Shoats
, Baltimore, MD
Jeannie Smith
, Wichita Falls, TX
Brooke Spencer
, Omaha, NE
Danna Stone, Houston, TX
Duane Strava
, Phoenix, AZ
Leonora Sumodobila
, Houston, TX
Rob Tavares
, Seattle, WA
J. Luis Terreforte
, Allentown, PA
James Thomas
, Olney, IL
Tricia Trammell
, Fort Worth, TX
Gerald Turowski
, Kalamazoo, MI
Robin Williams
, Windsor, NY
Cindy York
, Nashville, AR

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!

Member Anniversaries

Happy AHRA membership anniversaries to the following members:

25+ Years
Joseph Marotta (32)

21-24 Years
Terry Stratton (24)
Deanna Welch (24)
Linda Poznauskis (23)
Wiley Watterlond (23)
Brian Nye (22)

10-20 Years
Margo Cusack (19)
Beth Weber (19)
Mary Witte (19)
Wanda Fogarty (17)
Elizabeth Taylor (17)
Connie Kovala (16)
Edward White (16)
Karen Damon (15)
Joseph Daniels (15)
David Soltis (15)
J. Frans (14)
Jennifer Petruski (14)
Joseph Cuoco (12)
Joni Schott (12)
Sharon Buchanan (11)
Maureen Firth (11)
Jeffrey Fultz (11)
Joyce Hopkins (11)
Ernest Wick (11)
Phil Anderson (10)
Ron Barak (10)
Jack Delli Carpini (10)
Anner Gerber (10)
Malcolm Gibson (10)
Nancy Malloy (10)
Beth Roubique (10)
Paula Smith (10)
David Sostarich (10)
Peter Stachowicz (10)
Hollis Tessmer (10)

5-9 Years
John Bailey (9)
Richard Green (9)
Nancy Kitchen (9)
Margaret Kowski (9)
Angel Medina (9)
Ronald Milligan (9)
Carla Miraldi (9)
Judy Over (9)
Lori Patterson (9)
Mark Swift (9)
Penny Thesing (9)
Jill Vohs (9)
Mark Watts (9)
Joan Wherley (9)
Tammy Bauman (8)
Randy Bishop (8)
Wayne Carter (8)
Reginald Cooks (8)
Peter De Graaf (8)
Jamie Easterling (8)
Joanne Fisher (8)
Laura Haas (8)
Kathleen Holton (8)
Thomas Kelly (8)
Robert Lippincott (8)
Raymond Ownby (8)
Stephen Shippee (8)
Connie Wagner (8)
Aileen Walker (8)
Nicholas Albanese Sr. (7)
Michael Armstrong (7)
Scott Austermann (7)
Karen Barger (7)
Richard Bartlett (7)
Phyllis Briaud (7)
Anita Burch (7)
Timothy Burns (7)
Tara Carrick (7)
Crystal Coulombe (7)
Rita Dempsey (7)
Jon Dew (7)
Michele Dombrowksi (7)
Jon Elliott (7)
Frana Evans (7)
William Goodman (7)
Alan Heffron (7)
Barbara Hubley (7)
Robert Hughes (7)
Marlene James (7)
Daryl Mathern (7)
Cynthia Mento (7)
Linda Mickelson (7)
Elizabeth Roper (7)
Gene Santilli (7)
Susan Shea (7)
Elliot Silverman (7)
Tina Sokolowski (7)
Shirley Waite (7)
Thomas Wall (7)
Christine Walsh (7)
Sheryl Wildoner (7)
Robert Wilson (7)
Lisa Wood (7)
Denise Young (7)
Rosalyn Young (7)
Nancy Babich (6)
Lori Ann Burns (6)
Frances Diegnan (6)
Richard Fleury (6)
Kathleen Freeman (6)
Tina Gillum (6)
Michael Hajworonsky (6)
Michael Hill (6)
Gail Hopkins (6)
Timothy Jones (6)
William King Jr. (6)
Jeff Koford (6)
Christopher Lee (6)
Dawn McClain (6)
B. Susan McJunkin (6)
Paul Monge (6)
Tom Neff (6)
Michael Puttkammer (6)
Amir Rotlevi (6)
Chris St. Peter (6)
Cheryl Stillberger (6)
Dennis Thornblom (6)
Sherri Vasko-Steinbeck (6)
Ron Volden (6)
Leanne Williams (6)
Cindy Winter (6)
Dana Allison (5)
Cherie Bauer (5)
Steven Censky (5)
Mariella Compton (5)
Tad D’Ambrosio (5)
Michael Davis (5)
Brenda DeBastiani (5)
Janelle Deplitch (5)
Rita Edwards (5)
Lynde Florence (5)
Patricia Fryant (5)
Martha Geiger (5)
Dan Goldblatt (5)
Sally Grady (5)
Laura Grywatch (5)
Bob Hake (5)
Margaret Mary Hunkele (5)
Linda Hunt (5)
Tina Kelley (5)
Unhee Kim (5)
Claytony Lau (5)
Craig Mack (5)
Matt Merical (5)
Debbie Merten (5)
Dolores Nawrocki (5)
Luke Ngo (5)
Amanda Nunn (5)
Carlos Portillo (5)
Kirk Raboin (5)
Maurya Radvilas (5)
Steven Renard (5)
Chris Roadcap (5)
Deanna Roe (5)
Michelle Roesler (5)
Hans Sander (5)
Judith Schaefer (5)
Susan Schreiner (5)
Patricia Sheehan (5)
Cathleen Smith (5)
Sharon Stromme (5)
Michael Tutor (5)
David Wormald (5)

Online Institute Feature

AHRA Quick Credit: TRACE Program: Improving Patient Safety
By Brenda Rinehart, MBA, CRA, RT(R)(M)(CT)

The Tools for Radiation Awareness and Community Education (TRACE) program was designed as a two phase approach to radiation dose awareness and overall patient dose reduction achieved through patient and community education, physician awareness, staff training, and technological enhancements.

Click here to view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, Professional Development Series textbook chapters, and conference sessions, as well as to take the associated CE exams.


From the Forum

Below is a recent discussion:

“Our facility is looking to implement centralized scheduling, to include all areas. Radiology currently has one scheduling department and is very efficient. Does anyone have an experience with true centralized scheduling to share?”

— Ronald Caldwell


— We’ve utilized Central Scheduling successfully for several years. They rules they use to build the appointment schedule are based on the information we give them.

— Same here. We are able to build screening questions, rules etc. in the scheduling system to assist the schedulers.

— We have had Central Scheduling for years and now we are trying to get it back under Imaging. Too many errors and not well trained staff leads to patient and physician dissatisfaction.

— We have centralized scheduling (USA system) and we (radiology) manage it. We schedule all of our own studies and take calls for other departments. Some departments take their own calls. While the system uses only one data base that is interfaced with our MPI, surgery is a separate application, and they manage their own schedules. It work very well.

— I am not crazy about centralized scheduling. We have a large OP presence and feel control of this function is critical for competiveness.

My reasons:
1. Scheduling is radiology’s front door. We tweak, refine scheduling daily based on capacity, available resources, and demand. For example, today we were just a tad past our goal for call back mammograms (3 days). We quickly converted some diagnostic empty appointments to call backs. Took about 3 minutes to make that change. Our equipment and staff is not cheap – constant optimization is needed, and when one puts walls after walls of authority levels to make a change, eventually people start being passive.

2. Our radiology scheduling system allows for us to schedule between different hospitals and imaging centers. We can keep the pulse on demand and steer patients to other facilities as needed.

3. Our scheduling functions are engaged about service. We monitor time to answer, call drop rates. Our goal is service; however, the staff is challenged with keeping up with worklists like medical necessity, authorizations. The see the impact when the patient comes in and they had scheduled someone incorrectly (they rotate between scheduling and registration) It is a perfect feedback loop.

I am not against centralized; however, I do know it works very well when it is under radiology’s control. It is efficient, coordinated, and customer focused. It reduces denials. From my perspective, it would be more costly in terms of staff and equipment.

This was supported not long ago when we had a 6 month consultation by the Advisory Board (H-works). In our local area, decentralized scheduling works very well and it is what our customers want.

To read more of this conversation and for more information about the AHRA Forum, click here.

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