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July 2011–New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Siby Alakkatt, Los Angeles, CA

Genee Askew, Mount Pleasant, TX

Delia Blehm, Derry, NH

Lynn Bouvine, Duluth, MN

Jennifer Brown, Parker, CO

Karen Castelli, Tampa, FL

Brian Dinger, Boardman, OH

Patricia Dombroski, Lansing, MI

Mark Feeley, Springfield, MA

Brian Hagan, Columbus, IN

Sofia Iddir, Springfield, MA

Feisal Keshavjee, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Debra Litman, Surprise, AZ

Jennifer MacKinnon, Kitchener, ON Canada

Carl Piontek, Coppell, TX

Kris Smith, Fort Wayne, IN

Linda Smith, Shreveport, LA

James Soriano, Palo Alto, CA

Sheri Thayer, Springfield, MA

Tim Dove, Durham, NC

Wayne Jordan, Brooklyn, NY

Victoria Kirnberger, Loves Park, IL

Ryan Pahler, Riverside, CA

Carol Schuelke, Rosemount, MN

Kerrie Wilson, Dallas, TX

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!


Member Anniversaries


Happy AHRA membership anniversaries to the following members:

25+ Years

Gerard Durney, FAHRA (27)

10-20 Years

Janice Stavola (20)

Stephen Spearing (19)

April Dixon (14)

Raymond Buckley (13)

Patrick Harvey (13)

Gerry Labunski (13)

Mary Savage (12)

Joyce Webb (12)

Sherry Hosty (12)

William Schoepfer (12)

Christopher Hunt (10)

Paul Dunn (10)

Roberta Dutcher (10)

Courtney Funk (10)

Vivian Prinster (10)

John Shields (10)

Ruth Woosley (10)

Richard Vasquez (10)

Ann Casey (10)

Joseph Cassidy (10)

Helen Amaral (10)

Marie Fredrick (10)

Carlos Martins (10)

5-9 Years

Susan Foster (9)

Penny Wilson (9)

Diane Henderson (9)

Francis Buonomo (9)

StanleyCobb (9)

Jennifer Jones (9)

Denise Vander Werf (9)

David Partridge (9)

Linda Nestor (9)

Amy Jo Wade (8)

Kathy Schelb (8)

JoAnn Belanger (8)

Lorri Acheson (8)

Rita Baker (8)

Sharon James (8)

Vicki Novick (8)

Edward Nuzzello (8)

Christine Ophals (8)

William Tobin (8)

Leonard Shoulders (7)

John Aloisio (7)

5-9 Years

Scott Cameron (7)

Andrea Dietz (7)

Matthew Eastburn (7)

Richard Frechette (7)

Yvonne Johnson (7)

Windy Kemp (7)

Richard Lillo (7)

Susan Malley (7)

Dennis Mikes (7)

Richard Wendt (7)
Dennis Winders (7)

Joseph Caron (7)

Kathy Coffman (7)

Holly Glidden (7)

Lorrie Keating (7)

Deborah King (7)

Joe Larson(7)

Ginny Latty (7)

Robert Moore (7)

Tina Murray (7)

Joseph Phillips (7)

Kari Prince (7)

Brenda Rinehart (7)

Ernest David Williams (7)

Jim Cary (7)

Brock Price (7)

Michael McAdams (7)

Christopher Mitchell (6)

Thomas Burnsides (6)

Cherie Saurini (6)

Betsy Miletta (6)

Elisabeth Yacoback (6)

Barbara McNeil (6)

Cathy Ross (6)

Jason Theadore(6)

Herb L’Heureux (6)

William Tayamen (6)

Kevin King (6)

Linda Hansen-Allen (5)

Lauri Garcia (5)

Jennifer Honaker (5)

Philip Pizzola (5)

Susan Cazaux (5)

Michael Colhouer (5)

Keith Indeck (5)

Shukla Karulkar (5)

Beth Kinkade (5)

Meredith Lambert (5)

Dennis Roebuck (5)

Dianna Stiles (5)

Jill Taylor (5)

Jacquie Barner (5)

Phill Clayton (5)

Jackie Durbin (5)

Cheryl Griffin (5)

Lisa Hammonds (5)

Sandra Jackson (5)

Jessica Kennedy (5)

Carol Martin (5)

Judy Mason (5)

Suzanne McCulloch (5)

Edna Mulenex (5)

Sherri Paris (5)

Barbara Peck (5)

Noel Pemberton (5)

Michael Quaranta (5)

Michele Residori (5)

Michael Woodruff (5)

Brian Galle (5)

David Landry (5)

Robin Elackatt (5)

Monica Korpady (5)


Online Institute Feature


AHRA Quick Credit: A Better Way to Perform Portable X-rays
By Robert Loose

Radiologic technologists at Aurora St. Luke’sMedicalCenterinMilwaukee,WIwere experiencing injuries at an alarming rate. A cross-functional team developed a new ergonomically sound procedure that essentially eliminated injuries associated with performing portable x-rays.


Click here to view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, textbook chapters, and conference sessions, as well as to take the associated CE exams.  


From the Forum

Below is a recent discussion:

“Just wondering what everyone is doing with their old darkrooms now that digital has taken over? I still use mine for mammo but some day, when we go digital there, we can do something with it.  Are we all still hanging onto the old processor ‘just in case?’”

— Sam Mittman


— Depending on size. We made another break area for techs out of ours due to it being good size room.

— We installed work stations in ours with extra storage space.

— We have not had a processor in 5 years. We have added two small offices where our darkroom once was. I love not smelling chemicals!

— We held on to our processors for a while, but we eventually got rid of them (capital disposal). We recently moved our entire radiology
department, and it was weird to not plan a darkroom area!

The darkroom in mammo was the last to go. That mammo darkroom area is now a “snack room” for the mammo Techs 🙂

— We are in the process of gutting ours, moving our CR readers and other computers in there, more privacy and within eyesight of the patient at all times.


To read more of this conversation and for more information about the AHRA Forum, click here.

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