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By Rick Perez, CRA

July 2011–The RACC has made great strides over past few years in its goal to increase recognition of the CRA credential and logo. This process has been evolving over the past nine years and the CRA is now recognized by not only AHRA, but also AAMA, ACR, and ARRT (and a negotiation with RBMA in progress). Our web presence has expanded to include our website and our Facebook page

All this is great and we are getting good recognition in the industry, but now is the time to bring the CRA to the mainstream—not just within professional organizations, but also as a sign of excellence in imaging administration that is recognized by the public. Imaging has been struggling with this for many years as we try to differentiate facilities by quality and work towards accreditation and certification by organizations like the ACR, IAC, The Joint Commission, and by insurance companies in many areas. 

Most CRAs have their certificates proudly hung in their offices and wear their CRA pins with pride. Many also have the CRA logo on their business cards and in their email signatures as a visible symbol of what the CRA represents – dedication to excellence in the jobs they do.  But still, this message of pride and excellence does not necessarily translate to patients and to their referring physicians.  

For this reason, the RACC has developed a facility certificate that can be hung in waiting areas to enable visitors and patients to see that the institution to which they have come for care shows dedication to quality and excellence for their patients by employing one or more CRAs. We also believe that this awareness and recognition will assist with staff seeking to improve their careers and seek this credential.

Those candidates who passed the May 2011 CRA exam and will be attending the CRA reception at the 2011 AHRA Annual Meeting in Dallaswill receive their facility certificates at the reception. Current CRAs will be sent their certificates upon renewal, beginning with renewals due November 2011 and continuing over the next three years. However, any CRA who would like to receive a facility certificate before the next renewal date is invited to submit information on our website here: http://www.ahraonline.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=CRA_Certificate.

Following the initial roll-out, upon renewal each CRA will receive a dated seal to be attached to the certificate, keeping it up to date. And, of course, if there is a change in employment or a certificate is damaged, a new one can be requested via the link above at any time.

We hope you will be as excited about this as we are. We in imaging understand what the CRA stands for, but the CRA also has great potential to communicate to those with whom we interact outside of our immediate sphere that we, as imaging administrators, are dedicated to providing the very best service and quality possible.

The growth and acceptance of the CRA credential to the public will depend on all of you! Display it proudly.   

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