2011 Annual Meeting Preview

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By AHRA Staff

July 2011–As part of the Advanced Program at the Annual Meeting this August, James T. Timpe, MS, CRA, RT(N)(MR) and Airica Steed, RN, MBA, EdD, of Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, IL  will present Transforming the Imaging Enterprise: A Study in Real-Life LEAN Tactics and Outcomes.

The presentation will outline the journey of one organization, a hospital-based imaging department, from pretty good to great. This transformation was achieved using tools previously reserved for other industries: LEAN, CAP, Six Sigma, and others. By applying these tools, the department was able to become more efficient; improve patient, associate, and physician satisfaction; and ultimately grow volume in a slumping marketplace. This session will outline the tools and tactics that imaging administrators can use to begin leading change in their own organizations.

Link recently spoke to the presenters to get a feel for what attendees can expect from the presentation.

Link:  What inspired you to present on this topic?

James Timpe and Airica Steed: We both share a passion for continuous improvement and leading change transformations leveraging a mixed methods approach.  On the basis of our experiences, we have had the opportunity to apply these methods to several large scale transformation efforts related to imaging services across the Advocate Health Care system.

Link:  Why is your topic relevant to our members?

JT and AS: Most of today’s healthcare institutions are embracing some form of process improvement, be it Six Sigma, Lean, or other methods to remodel the healthcare landscape to fit the needs of patients, physicians, and employees, both for the short term and in relation to impending healthcare reform. As one of the largest hospital and clinic based services, imaging is crucial to the success of any healthcare organization and therefore is often targeted for improvements. As imaging administrators, it is imperative that we understand and embrace these improvement methods in order to have a say in the future direction of our departments and enact sustainable change that is accepted by our associates and physicians.

Link:  How might your presentation impact an attendee’s job and/or organization?

JT and AS: This presentation presents real life examples of changes that associates came up with and how those changes impacted our organization in a significant manner. Attendees can take these tactics back with them and use them to make impactful changes on their operations.

Link:  What five words would you use to describe your presentation?

JT and AS: Concise, relative, real, humorous, insightful

Link:  How can attendees prepare for your session in order to get the most out of it?

JT and AS: Attendees can become more aware of the various tactics for process improvement such as Lean and Six Sigma. Numerous articles are available online on the subject.

Link:  What do you think attendees will be most surprised to learn from your presentation?

JT and AS: That you can achieve sustained breakthrough outcomes in a short time.

Link:  If attendees were to remember one thing about your presentation, what would you most like it to be?

JT and AS: Leadership is the most critical component to success in any transformational effort.

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