Social Media 101: YouTube

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By AHRA Staff

June 2011–YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, share, and view videos, as well as comment on, recommend, and subscribe to videos.

If you already have an account with YouTube, great! If not, visit and follow the simple instructions. It’s a great way to create easy access to video content you like. Note: You do not need to set up an account on YouTube in order to watch videos.

Maintaining Your Account
Once you create and sign in to your YouTube account, click on your account name in the upper right hand corner. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu under “My Account.”

The account settings page allows you to view an overview of your YouTube activity, set up your profile, set up your video playback options, customize your email options, share your YouTube activities on other social networking sites, edit privacy settings, upload videos via your mobile phone, and manage your account (eg, passwords, ad preferences, etc).

Your privacy settings on YouTube are broken down by various categories: search and contact restrictions (based on how much you want to interact with other YouTube users), advertising settings (how you want to receive ads on the site), and statistics and data (how/if you want your videos’ metrics displayed to the public). To manage your privacy settings, select “Privacy” under the menu on the left hand side of your account settings page.

Now that you’ve joined YouTube and tailored it to suit your privacy needs, subscribe to AHRA’s YouTube channel by clicking here. By subscribing to AHRA’s channel, you’ll receive AHRA video updates on your YouTube homepage, plus the ability to comment, share our videos with colleagues, and view all of AHRA’s video content, from annual meeting footage to presentations from past conferences.

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