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June 2011–New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Susan Bacon, Fredericksburg, TX
Pamela Ballard, Mandeville, LA
Christopher Barlow, Shreveport, LA
Lindsay Bumanis, Calgary, AB Canada
Heather Burkdoll, Garnett, KS
Holly Carpenter, Raleigh, NC
Jana Chambliss, Sugar Land, TX
Craig Davis, Temple, TX
Jacqueline Davis, Montgomery, AL
Danny Davis, Jr., Copperas Cove, TX
Susan DeForest, Orange, CA
Michael Dodge, Galloway, OH
Melissa Green, Sugar Land, TX
Leslie Harnish, Ellicott City, MD
James Hollister, Gorham, ME
Brandy Holzshu, Raleigh, NC
Tracie Jencks, Norwich, CT
Brenda Jennelle, West Point, NE
Gail Kulesza, Norwich, CT
Rachel Larson, Westminster, CO
Tina Marlowe, Waterville, ME
Rhonda Mayorga, Fayetteville, NC
Deana Morgan, Branson, MO
Jim Murray, Fort Worth, TX
Lisa Nason, Norwich, CT
Laurie Nevins, Norwich, CT
Shari Patch, Wallingford, VT
Daniel Peters, Sterlington, LA
Rhoda Reading, Pearland, TX
Jalie Reedy
Theresa Reis
, Ridgewood, NJ
James Ricci, Norwich, CT
William Rice, Fredericksburg, VA
Joseph Simon, Murrieta, CA
Kathy Sophocleous, London, ON Canada
Lori Stargel, Kokomo, IN
Jackie Yigitoz, Toronto, ON Canada

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!

Member Anniversaries

Happy AHRA membership anniversaries to the following members:

25+ Years
Larry Kirschner (39 years)
Roland McGraner (34 years)
Steven Walter (29 years)
Leonard Purvis (27 years)

10-20 Years
Beth Rocco (16 years)
Brian Hennebry (15 years)
Russell Smith (12 years)
Onalee Shinn (11 years)
Beverley Sorci-Roberts (11 years)
Constance White (11 years)
Christopher Balbi (10 years)
Sandra Bobryk (10 years)
Robin Brown (10 years)
Dennis DePascal (10 years)
Kim Halliburton (10 years)
Nancy Hobby (10 years)
Lori McClure Smith (10 years)
Michelle Waldrop (10 years)

5-9 Years
William Allen, Jr. (9 years)
Bruce Carey (9 years)
Maureen Green (9 years)
Scott Hartman (9 years)
Joan Hensberry (9 years)
Todd Lehkamp (9 years)
George Lowe (9 years)
Brenda Markegard (9 years)
Debbie Mayer (9 years)
Matthew McKinney (9 years)
Kristy Trent (9 years)
Linda Womack (9 years)
Robyn Austin (8 years)
Kelly Jean Denton (8 years)
Randall Gray (8 years)
Rein Heidemann (8 years)
Karen Herczeg (8 years)
Shelly Meese (8 years)
Tara Murphy (8 years)
Robert Weisbecker (8 years)
Michael Cragin (7 years)
Joyce Cothren (7 years)
Michelle DeRegis (7 years)
Deb Hale (7 years)
Ronald Knuutila (7 years)
Peter McCormack (7 years)
Sharon Brommer (6 years)
Becki Cumbach-Perkins (6 years)
Amanda Daugherty (6 years)
Aileen Garrett (6 years)
Yvonne Grayson (6 years)
Bernadette Kennedy (6 years)
Pamela Mitchell (6 years)
Donald Moore (6 years)
Richard White (6 years)
Michael Putman (6 years)
Debra Casey (5 years)
Linda DiMarzo (5 years)
Sixto Garza (5 years)
Syed M. Mohsin Haidry (5 years)
Joan Keiper (5 years)
Tammy Mack (5 years)
John Mayben (5 years)
Dawn McNeil (5 years)
Carol Merrick (5 years)
Donna Morris (5 years)
Sue Rysted (5 years)
Lanamaria Smallwood (5 years)
Stephanie Spencer (5 years)
William Stepaniuk (5 years)
Steve Votey (5 years)

Online Institute Feature

AHRA Quick Credit: Revisit, Revamp, and Revitalize Your Business Plan: Part 2
By David Waldron

In this second of a series of articles, understand how tools such as process mapping and concepts such as Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma can be used to facilitate quality improvements and team building, resulting in staff led process improvement initiatives.

Click here to view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, Professional Development Series textbook chapters, and conference sessions, as well as to take the associated CE exams.

From the Forum

Below is a recent discussion:

“We are moving further into the CPOE world, and as more doctors are entering their own orders, they are becoming more creative with reasons for exam. ‘Because I say so,’ ‘Patient needs exam,’ sometimes just a letter (‘w’ seems popular) in order to have something in the field. This is causing my staff big problems getting clarification, also we won’t get paid without appropriate reason. For those with CPOE, are you getting good compliance for reasons? If so, how? Drop down menus with good lists, not performing exams without a valid reason, defaulting preexisting reason into the field, requiring manual entry for reason? Other ways? Any help is appreciated.

— Dennis L. Oxton


— We use drop down menus that we built before the Go Live. There is an “other” but it requires a response. We get a printed list of the “other” reasons each day so that we can track and report to the CPOE team if we need new reasons added. The team has a strong non-radiologist physician leader and he will take these issues right to the offender if we got a “because I said so.” We agreed upfront to review the other list as a team on a quarterly basis but we are still in our first quarter making changes as we go.

— Oh Dennis, I will be interested to see the responses to this. I have recently been asked to “approve” the reasons for exams for the build of our new ED EMR. When given the list, it was broken down into body part and then a list of reasons to have that body part x-rayed. Let me give you a few examples of what was listed: Body Part Reason, Lt. Hand Fever, Rt. Shoulder Anterior, Lt. Wrist Diffuse, Sacrum Atrophy.

I could go on and on, with the “reasons” . . . and the sad part is the list I was asked to review is actually from another site that is live and using them. When I told the ED manager we need to have a better history than one word from a drop down, can’t they free text? The answer was, no, we just need to have the system built so they can use the drop down, and, oh by the way, we only have xxx characters so it is limited to about one word. Are you kidding me???? It seems like we fight every day to get good history from ordering providers/locations, I can hardly wait to see what these CPOE orders look like.

— Our providers are requesting the free text . . . it’s more difficult to allow our vendor to supply it!

To read more of this conversation and for more information about the AHRA Forum, click here.

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