Presenting the 2011-2012 AHRA Board of Directors Election Candidates

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By AHRA Staff

May 2011–Elections for the 2011-2012 Board of Directors and President-Elect will take place online at beginning May 16, 2011 and ending at midnight July 8, 2011. Voting is open to all members in good standing. Emeritus members may not vote.

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Terry A. Dowd, CRA, FAHRA, BS, RT(R)(M)
Senior Clinical Manager
Banner Baywood Medical Center
Mesa, AZ


I have been a radiology administrator for over 25 years in both hospital and outpatient environments. AHRA has been an excellent resource for me and I want to actively work to see it prosper and be the ultimate resource for all imaging leaders.

Continuing to promote the CRA credential and market our services to members and outside our organization is a focus for me. As a past chairperson of the Education Foundation Board of Directors, I have been involved in the Foundation Member Appeal and feel this initiative is extremely important to ensure our organization continues to provide the educational opportunities that support our members.

Exploring opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and focus on common synergies through liaison activity will enable us to better understand healthcare reform and regulatory changes that will shape our environment.

Most importantly as we make decisions regarding our future, we must always keep in mind that our strategies must be in alignment with the AHRA Mission and Vision. I believe AHRA has all the components in place to continue to be successful even in these challenging times.

Carlos E. Vasquez, CRA, FAHRA, MS
Division Director, Radiology Services
Franciscan Alliance-St. Elizabeth Health
Lafayette, IN


First and foremost, I treasure the opportunity to serve AHRA members. It has been one of my greatest professional rewards to have served and volunteered for the last 12 years. I want to continue to serve the AHRA.

I bring over 20 years of radiology management experience and served nearly six years on the AHRA Board of Directors. I have gained working knowledge of AHRA governance and will dedicate my experience towards the benefit of its members.

My genuine interest to serve as president of the AHRA Board of Directors is to give back to the association that has given me so much and played a vital role in my professional development.

The original mission of the visionary founders of the AHRA in 1973 was driven by the inability to find services and products to assist radiology managers. I will strive to maintain this vision by working to develop relevant products to meet today’s healthcare reform challenges specifically related to medical imaging management.

AHRA Director-at-Large Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Russell L. Cain, CRA
Director of Imaging Services
White Memorial Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

AHRA, both as a professional organization and its individual members, have been instrumental in my growth and development as a medical imaging management specialist after having served in leadership and management in military and healthcare organizations for several years. I had been a staff technologist before moving into leadership and consulting. Consulting experiences brought me back to the imaging world, and it continues to be one of my most avid passions. No matter what changes, imaging will continue to be a major factor in the ecology of healthcare. Quality leadership in medical imaging is the key to the health and continuance of that ecology. It is through giving back to the AHRA that I can continue to help healthcare and imaging to thrive. My desire to aid the development of quality leadership, quality medical imaging, and the education and growth of all those involved in healthcare and imaging will contribute to successful attainment of the goals and objectives of AHRA and its membership.

Paul Dubiel, MS
Senior Director of Imaging
Seton Family of Hospitals
Austin, TX

I have been a member of AHRA since 1993. Over the years, I have learned many things from my fellow members and benefited greatly from the programs offered by AHRA. Once I started to volunteer, I found that the more I volunteered, the more I wanted to do for the organization and its members. Through volunteering and participating in AHRA events, I have been able to meet and work with many of its members. Working with these people has inspired me to do even more for AHRA and to repay those who have contributed to my own development and growth.

If elected to the board, I will continue to give back to the organization and its membership. The position will allow me to continue to grow while helping others become better managers and members. As a board member, I will contribute my time, experience, and dedication to help AHRA continue as the premiere organization for radiology administrators.

Janice Eurton, CRA, MA
Manager, Outpatient Imaging
Clark Memorial Hospital
Sellersburg, IN

AHRA’s commitment to continued development of existing leaders and its effort to educate and develop future leaders is aligned strongly with my own goals and commitments. It is unfair in today’s healthcare arena to ask future leaders to train on the job with little or no support in the transition. I strongly support the CRA credential and feel it will be a determining factor in the future selection of the industry’s best leaders.

I feel it is important to promote membership within the AHRA in order to keep the profession strong and be an ally for its leadership. In addition, I have a strong commitment to the AHRA Education Foundation and the opportunities it brings to AHRA members.

In today’s tough economic environment it is important to have strong dedicated leaders who continue to steer the organization in the right direction and to uphold a stronger presence and voice in federal laws and regulations.

I bring over 30 years’ imaging experience to the board and will endeavor to contribute the knowledge gained from those years of experience and to support and promote the AHRA in a confident and professional manner. I believe in the AHRA mission and vision, and would love to be a factor in its continued growth and development.

Marci D. Paulk, CRA, MBA
Director of Radiology
Fort Walton Beach Medical Center
Fort Walton Beach, FL

As a member of the AHRA Board of Directors, I would dedicate myself to continuing to inform and educate our audiences and to positively influence their perception of the AHRA. I would strive to increase AHRA membership/sponsorship participation by creating an environment where supporting us is the “right thing to do.” I would participate in activities and events sponsored by the organization, and encourage participation by others. I would also take personal responsibility through special assignments as required as they relate to the advancement of AHRA’s mission and services, policies, and programs, and be faithful to the mission and goals of the organization. When acting on behalf of the organization, I would promise to always give priority to its interests, mission and values.

Peggy Pust, CRA, FAHRA
Director of Imaging Services
Monongalia General Hospital
Morgantown, WV

During the time that I have been a member of AHRA, I have received a great deal of guidance and support from the members and the various programs offered. I think as a radiology administrator, this organization is crucial to our success. I have been an active member for a number of years and have volunteered in several different capacities in an attempt to give back to AHRA. I feel that I am ready to participate at the board level and help to support and shape the future of our AHRA programs. I believe that the AHRA will play a major role in guiding future leaders, and I am anxious to contribute and be a part of the process. I think I have a realistic understanding of the interests of many of our members and would love to see more involvement at the supervisory levels. I am honored to be nominated and if selected, I am ready to give my best for this organization as I believe in the mission at hand.

Jason Newmark, CRA
Director, Diagnostic Services
Baystate Health
East Longmeadow, MA

I sincerely believe that becoming an active member of AHRA was, and continues to be, one of the best decisions that I have made in my professional career. AHRA has afforded me tremendous opportunities to enhance my technical knowledge, to gain confidence in my own abilities, and to develop fantastic relationships with peers from around the country.

As a board member, I am confident that I would be able to contribute significantly to the promotion and continued success of AHRA.

I bring different perspectives than the majority of members due to my management experience and training versus a more traditional technical background.

I have a demonstrated track record of dedication and enhancement of AHRA as shown through my speaking engagements, volunteer activities, and membership on the Annual Meeting Design Team.

I bring high energy and the proven ability to help others realize their potential, share ideas, and become actively involved in AHRA and the advancement of their own careers—and to have a great deal of fun along the way!

Cast your vote for strong leadership!

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