Pillars, Straight and Tall

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By Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA

May 2011–If I were a betting man, I’d make a large wager that the majority of AHRA members operate within very similar mission, vision, and value statements. Our organizations have invested time and effort to draft and publish companies’ “pillars of success.” Excellence, compassion, quality, integrity, and many more are probably on your list in some way, shape, or form. We use these to guide all actions and decisions. And AHRA follows suit. In fact, the board put the final touches on its Strategic Plan, finalizing work that started at the September board meeting, under the coaching of Glenn Tecker, from Tecker Consultants, LLC.

In the Strategic Plan, the board outlines its core values: integrity, leadership, and collegiality. We’ve defined integrity as honesty evidenced by responsive and ethical behavior; commitment to quality, safety, and evidence as the basis for decision-making; products and services driven by member needs; transparency achieved through member involvement in the decisions and work of the association; and accountability for success shared in a working partnership between leadership, staff, and volunteers. In this case, the term leadership functions as professionalism evidenced by development, recognition, and credentialing of professional achievement; dedication to continuous learning and growth and fostering pride in our profession; advocacy on behalf of the value of our specialty and the importance of its expertise in policy decisions; and innovation enabled by the creative thinking fueled by a wide variety of generational, gender, cultural, and professionally related experience. Lastly, collegiality serves as fellowship evidenced by a diverse community connected by trust and common purpose; enjoyable engagement in the exchange of information critical to our success and the sharing of knowledge through mentorship; appreciation of the variety of diverse perspectives and experiences among professionals managing medical imaging. These core values serve as essential and enduring principles that guide our organization—our pillars of success.

And speaking of collegiality, our 2011 Spring Conference in Boston was a huge success, with indispensable information sessions, valuable networking opportunities for attendees and vendors, and a sold out Basic Management program! (Head over to our Facebook page to check out the photos.) Nearly 40 new members attended the meeting and were truly delighted with not only the quality of the sessions, but also with the kindness and enthusiasm of AHRA members, volunteers, and staff. While continuing education is vital to our field, networking opportunities like AHRA conferences are priceless, since we all are working on many of the same issues every day. It is so reassuring and beneficial to be able to call a friend when we’re up against a deadline, or just need a different angle/perspective—that’s really where we are the strongest in our combined expertise.

I’m headed to Italy this week, one of the most breathtaking countries in the world from an architectural standpoint. As you know, in architecture, pillars are vertical structural elements designed to bridge the gap between the foundation and whatever pressure is applied from above (either via natural elements or construction). How much and what kind of pressure will be applied to our organization as years go by is unknown. But by building sound core values and sturdy pillars of success together, AHRA has the potential to serve as the architectural model of professional support, information, and shared knowledge for medical imaging leaders.

Together we can build and support our pillars of success.

Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA is President of the 2010-2011 AHRA Board of Directors. He lives in Loma Linda, CA and can be reached at rrhynus@llu.edu.

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