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May 2011–New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Anita Block, Brockton, MA
Michael Bohl, Davenport, IA
James Bolton, Bowie, MD
Michelle Brennan, Dover, DE
Kaye Camp, Marietta, GA
Garry Carneal, Davidsonville, MD
Diana Cepulis, Denver, CO
Jimmy Collins, Knoxville, TN
Judy Cooper, Dallas, TX
Christopher Cumbest, Birmingham, AL
Julia Drose, Aurora, CO
Dawn Durso, Palm Coast, FL
Maviea Easter, Dallas, TX
Jean Fowler, Hicksville, OH
Glynnis Gaines, Waco, TX
Carlos Garcia, Houston, TX
Patricia Gillespie, Far Rockaway, NY
Terricca Glasford, Paget, AA Bermuda
Yvette Glenn, Birmingham, AL
Jesse Gonzalez, Cedar Park, TX
Carla Gover, Birmingham, AL
Shawn Grady, Hurst, TX
Cynthia Gwathney, Raleigh, NC
Michael Janis, Effingham, IL
Nash Khan, Hamilton, NJ
Anne McDonald-Horan, Lynbrook, NY
Yolanda Miller, New Milford, CT
Vicki Morris, Rochester, NY
Jennifer Narron, Clayton, NC
Kevin Ordway, Council Bluffs, IA
Nelson Perugi, Trenton, MI
Colleen Piazza, Middletown, NY
Tiffany Pinto, Boston, MA
Leejo Puthooran, Stafford, TX
Paul Rimel, Uniontown, PA
Ebony Robinson, Birmingham, AL
Diona Roby, Woburn, MA
Leigh Ann Russell, Seattle, WA
Tracy Sampson, Paget, AA Bermuda
Sheryl Snead, Princeton, WV
Dustin Strandell, Billings, MT
Sean Tran, Los Angeles, CA
Danny Turmel, Hooksett, NH
Cheryl Van Leuven, Poughkeepsie, NY
Julie Villa, Staten Island, NY
Terri Wade, Evansville, IN
Terri Walmsley, Toronto, ON Canada
Debra Wenger, Akron, OH
Sean Whip, Utica, NY
Eric Williams, Birmingham, AL
Thomas Williams, Cheyenne, WY
Ta’Nia Williams-Harris, Los Angeles, CA

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!

Online Institute Feature

AHRA Quick Credit: Revisit, Revamp, and Revitalize Your Business Plan: Part 1
By David Waldron

In this first of a series of articles, the steps to take in revisiting, revamping, and revitalizing a business plan are discussed. Understanding imaging’s role and the population served helps to further define and justify the “what” and ”why” of the business plan.

Click here to view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, Professional Development Series textbook chapters, and conference sessions, as well as to take the associated CE exams.

From the Forum

Below is a recent discussion:

“Apparently on Dr. Oz he had a program and talked about requesting
thyroid shields when have mammograms, chest x-rays, etc. There is also an email traveling around the world referencing this particular program. We had a patient ask about it and asked if we had a thyroid shield and why did we not offer it to them. This is the first I’d heard of  anything along these lines. Has anyone else heard this and what is your practice regarding thyroid shields?

— Mary Reiter, RT (R,M,CT)


— We had three mammo patients this week reference the Dr. Oz program and request thyroid shields.

— Just yesterday! But my thoughts are that we will have to have “patient” thyroid collars. My staff isn’t going to want to share, if for no other reason than infection control.

— We have had four cases since this program. We provide them thyroid shields at their request, but our mammographers also explain to the patients the dose that mammo produces. Thus far, it has been a good opportunity for patient education in regards to radiation dose.

— Our physicist sent a letter out to us stating that Dr. Oz, as is his
cousin The Wizard, is living in a dream world (maybe not those exact
words) and there is no reason or evidence to support the need for
thyroid shields during mammograms. I think he got his reference
material from the USPSTF, and we all know how that went . . .

— We have done the same here. Patients ask and we educate.

— We had four. Our physicist was kind enough to send to us a letter
referencing the issue and his professional opinion. You might want to
ask you physicist to do the same.

To read more of this conversation and for more information about the AHRA Forum, click here.

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