The Journey

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By Luis O. Marquez, FAHRA, CRA

April 2011–Recently I began training indoors on a treadmill for a marathon during one of those frigid arctic cold fronts in northwest Indiana.  The Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) and the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) journey are very much like a marathon.  Marathons require training and long term planning.  As with any training regimen, I was working on a specific training interval and working to meet designated time targets.  As with any company, organization, and/or association, targets and benchmarks (whether short and/or long-term) are set in order to verify and meet its mission and objectives.  The current state and process the RACC has recently undertaken with the CRA certification reminds me of the training regimen for a marathon.

The RACC is set to have another successful year. Therefore, the RACC has set short term and long term objectives for the CRA certification.

One of our short term objectives is to broaden our marketing campaign to target, capture, and engage a larger audience.  ASRT Scanner recently featured an ad promoting the CRA credential, and this cross promotion has lead to a very positive response. Another goal is to create public awareness by developing a CRA certification demonstrating the organization’s commitment to excellence.  Our intent is to have the certificate displayed within the organization employing CRAs.

Our short term objectives will have a lasting effect on our long term goals. We currently have over 760 CRAs and our audacious long term goal is to have over 3000. The RACC has established the framework to assist us in accomplishing this goal. As monumental as our goal seems, it is very achievable.  We must continue to set our sites on our goals and the actions leading us to our target.  Bruce Hammond explained in last month’s Link, the “attainment of critical mass will allow the RACC to be an advocacy force of its own, not dependent of trying to find coalition with organizations with divergent goals.” We have set in motion our plan to reach our critical mass and hope to continue our vision into the future.

The RACC and the CRA have accomplished a great deal in the first nine years of their existence.  Even with our accomplishments and setbacks, we continue to strive and set goals to further our credential.  I see many similarities when I compare the RACC and CRA to a running a marathon.  We must stay focused, set appropriate goals, and be determined.

As a marathon runner and RACC commissioner, it is not about the finish line but the rewards and accomplishments of the journey.

Luis O. Marquez, FAHRA, CRA is a 2011 RACC Commissioner.  He works as director of imaging services at The Methodist Hospitals in Merrillville, IN.  He can be reached at

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