What Would You Do?

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By AHRA Staff

March 2011–Every month, a hypothetical industry and management related situation is posted. You are encouraged to share your thoughts (in the comment box below) on how you would resolve the issue. Be sure to check out others’ responses and join the discussion.

Here is this month’s scenario:

It’s no secret that everyone makes mistakes on the job sometimes. What are some successful ways to get staff to report their mistakes—without them feeling they will get in trouble—in order to make process improvements?

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  1. I assure them and have demonstrated over time that repercussions are much better if they report the error versus if i or a manager discover and report it. I am extremely proud of my staff in the quality of work they do. So when they make an error we try to use it as a team to see how we might change a process to prevent the error from happening again. This team approach seems to take the sting out of it for everyone.

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