Planning for Today and Tomorrow at the 2011 Spring Conference

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By Gina Winters, CRA, RT (R)(MR)

March 2011–Spring is (almost) in the air and that means it’s time for the 2011 AHRA Spring Conference. This year’s conference, “The Future Landscape of Imaging: Healthcare Reform, Regulation, and the Current Climate” will be held in Boston, MA, on April 19 – 21. The AHRA Leadership Institute and Siemens Medical Solutions are proud to offer a Basic Management Track, an Advanced Track, and a pre-conference CRA Exam Workshop.

The Basic Management Track is packed with information and management skills for those who are new to a leadership position, for those who have an interest in becoming a leader, or for those who just need a refresher course on the basics. This is the perfect opportunity for an administrator to send someone who is not in a leadership position yet, but exemplifies the potential to be a leader in the department one day. Introductions to budgeting, project management, writing skills, asset management, and informatics are just some of the sessions designed to help the administrator on the business side. To assist the daily aspects of an administrator on the “people” side, sessions such as interviewing, recruitment, retention, coaching, counseling, and quality will be presented as well.

The Advanced Track is designed to give administrators the opportunity to hear the most recent updates on regulations and requirements in healthcare. Each session is designed to help administrators navigate their way through the changes of healthcare reform. In addition, an important aspect of being an administrator is communicating with your staff. Especially during times of change, employees feel insecure and somewhat scared of what the future holds for them. Speakers will address some effective means of communication and the positive affects of rounding to give administrators some guidelines to help them stay connected with their staff.

The AHRA Spring Conference has something to offer to all administrators, regardless of where they are in their careers. AHRA and the Spring Conference Design Team have worked collaboratively to ensure all attendees leave the conference with the knowledge and skills needed to assist in their professional development.

Organizations that invest the time and money to send an administrator to an AHRA conference benefit in two ways: development of their leaders and gained knowledge on important regulations and requirements—both important to organizational success. The conference is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with colleagues across the country.

Spring is a great time to visit Beantown. There’s no shortage of museums and historic sites, of course. But there is also great shopping to be done, restaurants to check out, and one of the city’s oldest and most renowned athletic events—the Boston Marathon—that takes place on April 18. Don’t miss out!

I look forward to seeing everyone in Boston!

Gina Winters, CRA, RT (R)(MR) is the 2011 Spring Conference Design Team Chair.  She works as radiology manager at Ochsner Health System in Jefferson, LA and can be reached at

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