Member Guide to the AHRA Mentor Program Application

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By AHRA Staff

March 2011–The goal of the AHRA Mentor Program is to bring members together for professional development by connecting those who have certain areas of expertise with those who are looking to broaden their skills and knowledge. In order to create successful matches, we need to know what you are looking for in a mentor, and conversely, what you can provide as a mentor.

The online application takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail provided. Applicants are asked to make selections from a list of topics. More than one category may be selected. In fact, selecting a range of categories is encouraged!

The more details we have, the stronger the match we can make.

Selecting “general mentoring” is an option, but be sure to seriously consider each available category of knowledge, keeping in mind that you will have the option to add more categories throughout the application process. If you do select “general mentoring,” please be sure to take advantage of the follow up questions at the end.

AHRA staff reviews each application carefully to ensure successful matches. The more information you provide, the better! If at any time through the mentoring process you feel the match is not suitable, we can help. The goal of the AHRA Mentor Program is not just a mentor for every mentee, but the right mentor for every mentee.

Mentees Wanted!
Have you found yourself in a new leadership role and no one within your facility available for guidance? Does reaching out to leaders in your immediate area mean reaching out to the competition? Have you recently joined AHRA? Our mentor pool is filled with experienced members, eager to give back to the profession:

“I feel that it is important to help others be successful. If I can share my experience and others can learn and grow from that, why shouldn’t I help? Sometimes just talking to another individual about particular situations helps others to make better decisions for the whole.”—Current AHRA Mentor

“I think it is important to share knowledge and experiences with the next generation of managers.  There was no program like this available to me when I first got into management and I think it will be a valuable experience for both the mentor and mentee.”—Current AHRA Mentor

Click here for additional information about the AHRA Mentor Program, including the online application.

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