Introducing the AHRA Washington Group

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By AHRA Staff

March 2011–AHRA is proud to announce the inception of our new  Washington Group. Spearheaded by AHRA members Art Tasaka and Brenda Rinehart, the AHRA Washington Group is intended for both AHRA members and non-members to network and build a strong Washington area imaging network in order to collaborate and strengthen patient care.

After the success of last year’s AHRA Seattle Regional Meeting, members decided to keep the momentum going by holding quarterly meetings and “really build the vigor and networking of our local radiology administrators and take advantage of the AHRA benefits and resources,” explains Tasaka.

Tasaka and Rinehart then built on this decision by utilizing an extensive Washington area email list to expand into a local imaging group and ultimately a local AHRA group.

“The [Washington area] list serve has always served the participants well by allowing everyone to post questions and ask for help,” says Rinehart. “Now with the AHRA Washington Group, we will be able to provide additional resources and show the group how many more resources are available through AHRA membership. I believe that the group here in Washington has the potential to more than double AHRA Washington state membership.”

The AHRA Washington Group has established volunteers to host quarterly meetings for the remainder of 2011 and has just launched an AHRA sponsored website.

If you’re interested in starting your own local AHRA group, please contact us.

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