Member Guide to AHRA Scholarships and Awards

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By AHRA Staff

February 2011–AHRA is a resource and catalyst for the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management. AHRA scholarships encourage continuous learning and professional growth. AHRA awards recognize professional dexterity and personal achievement. Throughout the year, opportunities to apply for scholarship assistance or to recognize your peers’ accomplishments will arise.  The following guide is designed to help you navigate through 2011’s opportunities and take full advantage of these member benefits.

Osborn Scholarship
(AHRA Education Foundation):

Provides scholarship support for AHRA members to participate in AHRA conferences. Available three times a year:

  • AHRA Spring Conference (maximum of 1 scholarship)
  • Annual Meeting (maximum of 3 scholarships)
  • AHRA Fall Conference (maximum 1 scholarship)

The Osborn Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Royce R. Osborn, FAHRA, one of the first radiology technologists to make the transition to radiology administrator.

Spring Conference Osborn Scholarship applications are due February 21, 2011.  Click here to apply.

Broadley Scholarship (AHRA Education Foundation):
Provides scholarship support to members enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs relevant to a management career in a medical imaging field.

The Broadley Scholarship Program was established to honor Louise Broadley, FAHRA, a long-time leader of AHRA.

Applications are due June 6, 2011.  Click here to download the 2011 Application.

AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship
Provides scholarship support to members who historically have participated in the AHRA Annual Meeting and, due to employer cuts to travel and/or education budgets, are no longer able to attend.

The 2011 AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship is funded through support by our corporate partners Hitachi and Agfa.

Applications are due by June 6, 2011.  Click here to apply for a 2011 AHRA Annual Meeting Scholarship.

Putting Patients First Grant Program:
Generously sponsored by Toshiba, provides grants to hospitals and imaging centers to fund programs, training, or seminars aimed at improving pediatric or adult patient care and safety within diagnostic imaging.

Application available August 2011.

Gold Award:

Given to an AHRA member who has made significant contributions to the profession of imaging and healthcare administration.

Nominations for the Gold Award come from membership and any member may nominate a candidate. All members of AHRA are eligible to be considered for the award.

Gold Award nominations are due March 7, 2011.  Click here to submit a Gold Award nomination.

Award for Excellence:
Recognizes medical imaging professionals for excellence and leadership.

Nominations can come from staff as well as other colleagues in the workplace and industry. It is not necessary to be a member to nominate someone for the award.  All members of AHRA are eligible to be considered for the award.

Award for Excellence nominations are due April 11, 2011.  Click here to submit an Award for Excellence nomination.

Recognizes the significant contributions of AHRA members to the industry and our professional association.

Fellow designation is presented at the AHRA Annual Meeting & Exposition and Fellows receive the privilege of adding the credentials FAHRA after their names.

Fellow applications are due May 9, 2011.  Click here to download the 2011 application.

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