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By Kimlyn N. Queen, MSM, CRA, RT(R), CT, MR

February 2011–Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.—Hal Borland

As our former RACC Chair, John Marshall CRA, FAHRA, stated in his December 2010 farewell communication, 2010 was a year of rebirth for the RACC and the CRA examination process. I would also like to note that 2010 brought forth a rejuvenated and productive relationship between the RACC and the AHRA. As we move forward into 2011, our challenges and opportunities lie in our abilities to cultivate the ongoing successes of 2010 and create new successes for 2011.

As we say goodbye to John, I would like to take a moment to thank him for his exceptional leadership as the 2010 RACC chair and his unwavering dedication to the RACC and the CRA exam over the course of the last three years. I know I speak for all of the RACC commissioners when I say we will truly miss John and we wish him well in all of his future endeavors.

I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve as RACC chair for 2011 and work with all of the talented members of the RACC. Your 2011 RACC vice chair is Luis Marquez, CRA and your 2011 secretary/treasurer is Enrico (Rick) Perez, CRA. The RACC commissioners for 2011 also include Ron Barak, CRA; Phyllis Butterworth, public member; Bruce Hammond, CRA; Jacqui Rose, CRA; and AHRA board liaison Terry Dowd, CRA.

As part of our quest to continue the successes of 2010 and achieve new successes in 2011, we will be expanding our marketing campaign to capture the audiences of imaging professionals and administrators associated with the ASRT and the RBMA. To kick off our 2011 marketing program, the RACC will have a full page color ad featured in the ASRT’s February/March professional publication, The Scanner. This ad is designed to promote the value that CRA credentialed professionals add to organizations. By expanding our marketing efforts to a larger audience, we also create the prospect of exceeding the 2010 achievement of 139 new CRAs.

The RACC is currently working on developing a certificate that CRAs can proudly display in their facilities. The intent is to: 1) help facilities promote the achievement of having a CRA on staff, 2) help educate the public about the CRA and about the benefits of having a CRA on staff, and 3) demonstrate the healthcare organization’s commitment to providing exceptional patient care and service.

The RACC would like to encourage current CRAs and future CRAs to educate their HR executives and promote the value of having a CRA credentialed professional as part of the healthcare team by providing them a copy of a one page document outlining the benefits of hiring CRAs. You can obtain a full color copy of this document at www.CRAinfo.org under the “Why Hire a CRA” tab.

The RACC will also be exploring the possibility of expanding the current press release program to include professional websites such as www.alliedhealthcareers.com and www.auntminnie.com for the announcement of new CRAs. Along with this proposed expansion plan, the RACC will be evaluating adding a section to the CRA application for the applicant to provide permission for the RACC to send a press release to the CRA’s local paper and their employer.

I am excited to move forward this year with the wisdom and successes of 2010 as our guide. We have opportunities to build new relationships with the ASRT and the RBMA and to continue to strengthen our relationship with the AHRA. We also have a significant foundation to build on and expand our marketing efforts to ultimately exceed 139 new CRA credentials in 2011.

Thank you for your continued support of the RACC and the CRA credential. Remember, together we can continue to raise the bar of quality and provide exceptional care and service to the patients, physicians, and other customers within our communities. I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year and I look forward to serving as your 2011 RACC Chair.

Become part of the already over 750 strong by becoming a CRA.

Kimlyn N. Queen, MSM, CRA, RT (R) CT MR is 2011 Chair of the RACC and the director of imaging and cardiac cath services for Marion General Hospital in Marion, OH.  She can be contacted at queenk@ohiohealth.com.

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