Barak and Hammond Elected to the RACC, Queen Reelected to Serve Second Term

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By AHRA Staff

January 2011–The Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) is pleased to announce that Ron J. Barak, BS, CRA, MBA and Bruce W. Hammond, CRA, CFAAMA, CNMT have each been elected to serve three year terms on the RACC and Kimlyn N. Queen, CRA, MS has been reelected to serve a second term on the RACC.

Ron Barak is the senior director of radiology at Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL.  He’s been a very active volunteer with AHRA since joining in 2001, serving on Annual Meeting Design Teams, Webinar Design Teams, and volunteering onsite at additional AHRA meetings.  He’s served as a RCEEM Rapid Review reviewer since 2006, served on the AHRA’s Product Development Committee, and served the CRA program as an item writer for the exam.  Additionally, Barak has regularly given back to the image management community as author of several AHRA Professional Development Series textbook chapters and a series of Link articles, as well as by hosting numerous one on one Partners in Learning visits allowing guests to spend several days shadowing him and his staff on visits to his facility.  Barak became a CRA in the inaugural exam administration in 2002.  As an RACC Commissioner, Ron pledges, “to do all that I can to see that the CRA credential becomes the nationally recognized credential for radiology administration.  We will continue the job that the current RACC has done via communication and attendance at meetings.  We will let them know what the CRA is and how it will serve them.”

Bruce Hammond is executive vice president of Diagnostic Health Services in Addison, TX, a national outsource provider of imaging services in hospital based and clinic based settings.  A long time member of AHRA, Bruce is a frequent speaker at AHRA meetings, presenting on topics from finance to nuclear medicine. He is president of the American Academy of Medical Administrator’s (AAMA’s) College of Small and Rural Healthcare, and has volunteered with the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) since 1990, most recently serving as Chair of the Business and Industry Advisory Council.  In 2009, Hammond received the Northwest Texas Hospital Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2010 he was a recipient of AHRA’s Award for Excellence.  He became a CRA in 2002 with the inaugural CRA examination and was actively involved in the 2010 CRA exam rewrite project.  Even before his election to the RACC, Hammond took initiative to help promote the CRA credential and bring benefit to CRAs through his work with the AAMA and RACC to allow AAMA to grant its members who have passed the CRA examination reciprocity and apply the CAAMA credential upon satisfactory completion of all additional AAMA requirements.

Kimlyn Queen is director of imaging and cardiac catheterization services at Marion General Hospital in Marion, OH and has served on the RACC as commissioner since January 2008 and vice chair since January 2010.  Queen will be serving a four year term from January 2011 to December 2014 as she completes the last year of an unfinished term and the following three years of a standard term, in accordance with RACC policy.  In her first term on the RACC, Kimlyn has worked tirelessly for the CRA credential, authoring articles on the credential, attending meetings to promote the CRA, serving as an exam subject matter expert, and working on materials to communicate the benefits of being a CRA.   Most recently, she has worked on multiple phases of the 2010 CRA exam rewrite project, chaired the RACC Finance Committee, and chaired the RACC’s Marketing Committee, working with her team to create a comprehensive and fiscally responsible marketing plan to launch the CRA into the next decade.  Queen was awarded Marion General Hospital’s Manager of the Year award in 2006 and was honored by America’s Registry of Outstanding Professionals in 2005 and 2006.  Her strong belief in life long learning is evident not only in her involvement with the RACC, but also in her other volunteer activities including serving on the Radiology Management Editorial Review Board and authoring several chapters in two of the AHRA’s Professional Development Series textbooks and a Radiology Management article on QA and QC processes.  As Kimlyn notes, “I feel my years of experience and my educational background can help bring new ideas for future growth to the CRA program. I truly believe the more we continue to learn and grow the stronger we become as professionals.”

The RACC is the governing body responsible for guiding the CRA program and establishing requirements, standards, and procedures for CRA certification.  Barak, Hammond, and Queen will be joining Luis O. Marquez, CRA, FAHRA, Enrico M. Perez, CRA, Jacqui F. Rose, CRA, and public member Phyllis S. Butterworth on the 2011 RACC.

Congratulations to our new commissioners!

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