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By John Marshall, CRA, FAHRA

December 2010–This will be my last communication as a member or chairman of the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC). As my term of office expires this month, I wanted to take one last opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments this year and thank the many dedicated volunteers who made it possible.

This past year was one of rebirth for the RACC and its CRA examination process. This was accomplished through a complete revision of the mission and vision of the RACC and the development of a new universally appropriate CRA exam. These actions focused on insuring the continued success of the RACC while increasing the number of CRA credentialed professionals and the relevancy of the CRA credential. The RACC believes it has met its goal, as more than 70 new CRA credentials were awarded following the first offering of the new exam in June.

Mission and Vision
The RACC revised its mission and vision statements as well as its philosophy towards awarding the CRA credential. The new mission and vision clearly convey the RACC philosophy that the CRA credential is no longer intended to apply to only the most experienced of radiology administrators. The new vision is to serve current leaders as well as being “a challenging but attainable aspiration for individuals” who desire to serve as a radiology administrator, imaging center director, or other leadership positions within the field of medical imaging management.

New CRA Exam
The RACC was able to replace the original CRA test with a current, universally acceptable examination tool that concentrates on those current practices and basic knowledge one desires as a successful radiology administrator in today’s healthcare environment.

Gone are the outdated questions that were developed from a plethora of reference materials including 54 different books, 17 periodical articles. and seven websites. The new exam content is based solely on references that have been widely recognized as containing current best practices and the basic knowledge one would need to be an effective and successful CRA.
The RACC and I would like to thank the following dedicated volunteers who collectively provided hundreds of hours of service to the betterment of their fellow CRAs through the development of a new CRA exam, practice test, and many interchangeable questions that were banked for future use.

CRA Exam Task Force Facilitators:
Task Force Leader: John Marshall, CRA
Administrative and Logistical Support: Kathryn Keeler

CRA Exam Content Authors:
Russell Cain, CRA
Kevin Hendrickson, CRA
Steven Herrmann, CRA
Luis Marquez, CRA
John Marshall, CRA
Dawn McNeil, CRA
Kimlyn Queen, CRA
Bonni Standley, CRA
Kristy Trent, CRA
Alicia Vasquez, CRA
Beth Weber, CRA

Exam Certification Team:
Bruce W. Hammond, CRA
Enrico (Rick) M. Perez, CRA
Jacqui F. Rose, CRA
John Marshall, CRA

Results Validation and Cut Score Determination (RACC Commissioners)
Kimlyn Queen, CRA
Jacqui Rose, CRA
John Marshall, CRA
Rick Perez, CRA
Luis Marquez, CRA
Gary Duehring, CRA

The RACC and its many volunteers have accomplished greatness in 2010. The RACC is proud of its efforts this past year as these efforts will insure the continued success, recognition, and growth of the CRA credential well into our future.

I would like to thank my fellow commissioners, Kimlyn Queen, Jacqui Rose, Rick Perez, Luis Marquez, and Gary Duehring for allowing me to lead such a talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated group of individuals. I will always be thankful for their professional support, willingness to serve, and optimistic attitude toward the success of CRA credential.

The RACC would also like to recognize our CRA Certification Coordinator, Kathryn Keeler. Her remarkable expertise, patience, understanding, guidance, and logistical coordination were a key driver of every accomplishment the RACC has achieved. I would like to thank Kathryn for being my ghost writer, advisor, and confidant. I am thankful for your optimistic attitude, unending support, and the opportunity to have shared our efforts and accomplishments. Kathryn, I will miss you, my friend.
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.

John Marshall, CRA, FAHRA is Prospective Payment Coordinator at Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System in Sarasota, FL.  He serves as a commissioner on the 2010 Radiology Administration Certification Committee (RACC).  He can be reached at

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