AHRA Mentor Program: Now Accepting Applications!

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By AHRA Staff

December 2010–We are pleased to announce the launch of the AHRA Mentor Program!

Who should apply?

YOU. And you over there, you should apply too. The goal of this program is to bring members together for professional development by connecting those who have certain areas of expertise with those who want to broaden their skills and knowledge.  The key phrase here is “bring members together.”  The success of any mentor program is built on participation.  Our members join for a number of different reasons, but professional development and networking are the reasons most often cited. The connection to other members is what brings people back to AHRA year after year. The AHRA Mentor Program hopes to do both.

The application process allows both mentors and mentees to select individual needs, interests, and skills. The applicants are then reviewed for a suitable match and a connection is made. AHRA is here to facilitate the match; the rest is up to you.

Both standard mentoring and reverse mentoring options are available and members of all generations are encouraged to apply.

AHRA exists as a resource and catalyst for the development of professional leadership in medical imaging management. Who better to encourage professional development and knowledge sharing than our greatest resource—our members?

Please visit www.ahraonline.org to learn more about this exciting new program and apply today!

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