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By Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA

Ah, November . . . “It is spring here now, so the days are really nice and starting to get much longer.” Sound familiar? Didn’t think so.  We get into our routines and our own “world,” and often don’t reflect on our AHRA pals around the world and what they are up to. But international AHRA member Denys Wynn sent me a short email yesterday from Australia, which I will share with you; the point being that although he’s entering spring in November, Denys is facing the same challenges we all experience:

Roland Rhynus and Denys WynnRoland and Sandy,
Hi.  How good it was to see you both in DC.  The world has turned a time or two since, but you both remain in my thoughts and prayers as you settle into your new/old home.  I have been watching your midterm elections with interest. Wow.

I am in the middle of many projects at present: new staff, 92 applicants for one job, RIS/PACS change with all the pain that that entails.  The federal government here has promised my hospital a new MRI and a PET/CT.  This will be the first in regional Australia. And it is spring here now so the days are really nice and starting to get much longer.

Attached [are some photos, including one of] my staff who helped a group of Tibetan Monks who needed some imaging done, but it was made difficult as only one of them spoke English a bit, so we recorded the visit for posterity.

Hope you are both well.  I will write soon.


Thanks, Denys, for staying in touch, for supporting the AHRA with your semi-annual (and sometimes annual) treks to our meeting, and for building your collegial network without borders.  Your dedication to providing optimal imaging services to your patients and community through international networking is a perfect example for us all. Looks like your team is also following your mentorship.  Please send us an update on how that turned out!

Isn’t it great to expand our horizon? November not only brings us close to family with the American Thanksgiving tradition, but it also brings RSNA! Talk about an international event: clearly a pinnacle of imaging industry global collegiality and best practice exchange. If you’ve not attended, be sure to put that on your bucket list soon. It’s a great place to meet, build, and grow with international friends and colleagues.  And invite your CFO, COO, or AVP. I’m fortunate to have mine attending for the first time this year and look forward to Doug and Dick’s look of amazement as they enter the North or South Exhibit Hall. I’m anticipating it will be like the first time a child enters Disneyland! What a hoot.

Reach out beyond your personal borders this month, whether it’s across town or across an ocean. Check out the synopsis of the recent AHRA Seattle Area Meeting.  Don’t hesitate to give Art Tasaka and his team a call or email to learn first hand of their experience with a very successful AHRA local area meeting with over 50 attendees!  If you have not been to an AHRA Area/Regional Meeting yet, talk to Art and AHRA staff about how easy it is to set one up for your region.  These meetings are a great way to get to know and network with other imaging leaders right in your own backyard. Thanks Art et al—that’s what AHRA is all about!

TTFN, Roland

Roland Rhynus, CRA, FAHRA is President of the 2010-2011 AHRA Board of Directors.  He lives in Loma Linda, CA and can be reached at

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