Attention CRAs: RACC Elections Now Online!

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By AHRA Staff

November 2010–The 2010 RACC Commissioner election is going on right now.  The results of this election will determine who will help lead the CRA program.  You have until November 29, 2010 to let your voice be heard. Click here to vote.

In accordance with RACC policy and procedure, the election is open to all CRAs in good standing.  The 2010 vote will elect three commissioners to serve for three year terms on the RACC from January 2011 until December 2013.  

What Do RACC Commissioners Do?
The RACC is made up of 6 CRAs and 1 non-CRA public member.  Together, the commission works to shape the CRA program, promote the credential to imaging professionals and to the greater healthcare community, and to protect the integrity and value of the credential.

RACC commissioners:

  • Determine policies relative to the CRA program, including certification eligibility requirements, recertification criteria and continuing education requirements, and fees associated with the CRA program.
  • Manage CRA appeal and disciplinary processes to maintain the integrity of the CRA program in protecting the public.
  • Bestow public recognition to those radiology administrators who satisfy all certification eligibility criteria and successfully complete the CRA examination, and who fulfill continuing education and recertification requirements established by the commission.

Commissioners are responsible to:

  • Prepare for and attend all meetings of the RACC.
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality of information and protocols for representation of the RACC and CRA program in the community and with the media.
  • Establish the passing point for the CRA examination and assist in key verification as needed.
  • Participate in item writers and/or test assembly meetings as needed.
  • Vote on CRA policy and program issues.
  • Serve as a resource of knowledge, support, and counsel to staff, committees, and other commissioners.

In short, the commissioners you vote on to the RACC work hard to make sure your CRA credential continues to be a mark of excellence in imaging administration!

The 2010 RACC Commissioner Ballot
This year, there are six CRAs running for RACC Commissioner. They were selected from among the nominees by the RACC Nominations Committee.

You can read their candidate statements below and review their full candidate profiles on the online ballot.  Also be sure to check out their Featured Member profiles on our website:

2010 RACC Commissioner Candidates
The following CRAs (in alphabetical order) are running for RACC Commissioner in the 2010 elections:

Ron J. Barak, CRA
Director of Radiology
Miami Children’s Hospital
Miami, FL

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Over the years, there has been a wide variety of qualifications for radiology administrators: everything from a certificate to practice radiography up to and including a PhD.

The CRA credential has set a new standard in the healthcare industry that has not previously been set.  However, if we do not promote this and continue to gain national acceptance of the credential, then it means little and we have not completed the job.

As an RACC commissioner, I will do all that I can to see that the CRA credential becomes the nationally recognized credential for radiology administration.  We will continue the job that the current RACC has done via communication and attendance at meetings.  We will let them know what the CRA is and how it will serve them.

I have been a CRA since 2002, and believe strongly that this credential sets a minimum standard for radiology administrators.  I will contribute time and energy to the RACC in promoting the CRA credential.

Jennifer Brase, CRA
Service Executive Imaging
Methodist Hospital
Omaha, NE

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: The CRA program was developed by a group of strategic thinkers who understood the importance of the specific skills and knowledge to be an imaging administrator.  The credential has been quickly recognized and embraced by professional recruiters, human resource departments, and C suite executives, due to the incredible work of past RACC Commissioners.  I would like the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and experience as a CRA and administrator to the continued evolution of the CRA curriculum, testing, and promotion.

The ongoing success of this program will continue the high level of distinction for those individuals who have obtained it.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a member of the RACC to continue the advancement of the imaging profession and recognition of the broad span of knowledge that is necessary to be a successful leader in the ever evolving world of imaging.

Joseph M. Cuoco, CRA, BA
Associate Director of Radiology & Imaging
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: It is my desire to obtain the position of commissioner on the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) to continue working towards the goals and objectives that have been established by the original charter.  I was among the first successful candidates to sit for the CRA exam, have continually assisted the RACC in writing new test questions to keep the material current and pertinent, and have a strong belief in the guiding principles and the high ethical standards of CRA credential.

I have been involved in radiology since 1975 and have spent the last 29 years in administration. In addition, I have held multiple positions of responsibility in many professional and community organizations and have freely given my time and effort. My participation in the AHRA started back in the early 1980s with the Miami Conference and has continued in order to support the profession and community that I am passionate about.  I consider that my experience of the past 29 years has given me the skills and knowledge that would benefit the RACC in the continued pursuit of its mission.

I feel that the ongoing challenges we face as radiology administrators requires us to continually to raise the bar of good judgment for our fellow imaging administrators, while enhancing the confidence and status of those who serve as imaging administrators.

Bruce W. Hammond, CRA, CFAAMA, CNMT
Executive Vice President/Radiation Safety Officer
Diagnostic Health Services
Addison, TX

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: As a member of the inaugural class of CRA holders, my belief and interest in the credential is well established.  I have worked to and was successful in having the credential and our examination recognized by another organization as equivalent to that organization’s process.  Acceptance opens the door to more participants and increasing visibility and acceptability.  I have also volunteered for the examination re-write and worked on the “cut-score” portion on the new examination.

I believe I will bring to the RACC the ability to expand the recognition, work towards increased acceptability, and further the credential as the only accepted proof of competency in radiology administration.

Robin Kirschner, EdD, CRN, CRA

Senior Manager
Banner Health, Banner Desert Medical Center
Mesa, AZ

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: Imaging leadership and management have been my focus for the past eight years. I am honored to have achieved the recognition of my administrative expertise and proudly wear my CRA pin.  Through working with my peers who are members and active in AHRA in my local area, I find that the organizational goals and objectives are in alignment with my values, ethics, and expectations for leader integrity. In both service and education, I have had the privilege to work with others to establish exam baselines, question preparation and validation, and analysis with synthesis of responses to improve the overall examination to meet the goals of question measurement. Additional reasons for my seeking this position are included below:

  • Dedicated to the advancement and recognition of imaging professionals.
  • Active in the Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nursing (ARIN), on the Journal of Radiology Nursing editorial board, author of chapter in core curriculum, evidence based practice committee chairman, poster and podium presenter in multiple venues related to imaging practice and clinical expertise.
  • Team player, great attitude, good communicator, actively engaged, responsive, and accountable.

Kimlyn N. Queen, CRA

Director of Imaging and Cardiac Cath Services
Marion General Hospital
Marion, OH

Candidate for Re-election

CANDIDATE STATEMENT: My first term as a commissioner for the RACC has been very educational, challenging, and rewarding. It has been an honor to be able to serve my fellow CRAs and future CRAs through the work I have been a part of these past three years on the commission.

I am interested in continuing my involvement with the AHRA and the CRA program by being elected for a second term on the RACC. As an advocate of continuing education and life long learning, I am a co-author for the AHRA textbooks Communication and Information Management in Radiology and Asset Management in Radiology, and a member of the Radiology Management Editorial Review Board.  I see the CRA program as great way to promote continuing education through example and I hope to have the opportunity to continue working for these values as part of the RACC.

I have been a radiology administrator for 10 of my 20 years as a technologist. I took the CRA exam when I met the prerequisites after making the leap from technologist to management and received my CRA in April 2004. I feel my years of experience and my educational background can help bring new ideas for future growth to the CRA program. I truly believe the more we continue to learn and grow, the stronger we become as professionals.

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