What Would You Do?

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By AHRA Staff

October 2010 — Every month, we post an industry and management related situation to you, our members. You are then encouraged to share your thoughts on how you would resolve the issue.  Be sure to check out others’ responses and join the discussion.

This month’s quandary deals with a very timely issue in the industry—CT dosage:

An anxious daughter accompanies her father to the hospital for his follow up CT scan, following recent aneurysm surgery. She has read in the newspaper the day before about the dangers of CT scans and radiation exposure.  The daughter is waiting for an extended period of time for her father to return because an unexpected influx of volume for the emergency department. When the technologist returns the patient to the waiting room after his scan, the daughter accuses the CT staff of, “doing too many CT scans on my father.”  

What would you do?

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