What Would You Do?

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By AHRA Staff

September 2010–Every month, an industry and management related situation will be posted to you, our members. You are then encouraged to share your thoughts in the AHRA Forum on what you would do to resolve the issue.

Try your hand at this month’s quandary:

A troublesome employee is nearing his 10 year anniversary, at which point he will be fully vested in his pension. This employee has been a problem for some time, but never seemed to “cross the line” into an offense that could get him terminated. A recent event has come to light that lead you to believe he should finally be terminated. If this were a first offense, you may not terminate, but this is not his first offense. You are feeling bad that if you terminate him just short of his 10 year anniversary, he will lose a significant part of his pension. Should you terminate him while you have the opportunity or wait for another occurrence? What would you do?

Have a suggestion for What Would You Do?  Email Associate Editor Emily Doutre at edoutre@ahraonline.org.

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