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September 2010–New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Gloria Barber, Hannibal, MO
Sharon Barnes, Leeds, AL
Ralph Berzghal, Dubai, AA, UAE
Kathryn Bishop, Upperco, MD
Fred Bode, Austin, TX
Ray Boring, Austin, TX
Jessica Breetzke, Maitland, FL
Terri Brown, McKinney, TX
Kevin Byrd, Jackson, MS
P. David Case, Jackson, MS
Stephen Cool, Medford, OR
Carolyn Core, Annapolis, MD
Erica Dellis, Darien, CT
Lynn Delphus, Royersford, PA
Mary Jo Ewing, Black River Falls, WI
Louise Farrow, Brockton, MA
Crystal Harrison, Garland, TX
Samantha Harvard, Ventura, CA
James Ivens, Clayton, NM
Christina Jackson, Greenville, NC
Samantha Kirby, Lebanon, TN
Alicia Lentini, Rockville, MD
Lorie Lowder, Kannapolis, NC
Peggy Marquez, Baltimore, MD
Thomas Mosher, Collingswood, NJ
Beatriz Nunez, San Juan, PR
Patrick Oberloier, Flower Mound, TX
Martha Pelascini, Antioch, CA
Kristi Powell, Manchaca, TX
Michele Powers-Gallichio, West Dundee, IL
Marsha Prather, Austin, TX
Lind Quattlebaum, Cordele, GA
Margie Roper, Las Vegas, NV
Nanette Salazar, San Jose, CA
Cheryl Sexton, Gibsonville, NC
Lindsey Solovey, Bethlehem, PA
Adrienne Turner, Grant, NE
Vanessa Turner, Antioch, CA
Peggy Ullery, Newport News, VA
Linda Ward, Las Vegas, NV
Brian Webb, Spartanburg, SC
Margaret Zimmer, St. Francis, WI

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!

Online Institute Feature
Professional Textbook Series
: Asset Management in Radiology
Chapter 11: Assure Quality in Imaging

Ensuring that every unit achieves acceptable standards of service and quality at all times underlies every process of an imaging center or department. Myriad oversight agencies have devised appropriate standards, which are readily available to imaging administrators and others responsible for carrying out quality assurance procedures. This chapter summarizes the key elements of a quality assurance program.

To view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, Professional Development Series textbook chapters, and conference sessions, and to take the associated CE exams, click here.

From the Forum

Building upon the popularity of the AHRA List Server, the new AHRA Forum is the next incarnation of a members only discussion group. It has new features, increased functionality, and incorporates a searchable archive of 90,000+ messages brought over from the List Server. Easily accessible, this networking tool enables real time dialogue among imaging professionals through AHRA’s website or via email.

Below is a recent discussion:

“Does anyone use central scheduling for any imaging services? We are being asked to pilot a program; however, with the number of scenarios involved with imaging, it looks very difficult to start. Any insight is very much appreciated.”

— Wayne Muth

— A part of our HIS includes enterprise wide scheduling; the outpatient scheduler here schedules all diagnostic, mammo, ultrasound, fluoro, CT, echocardiograms, cardiopulmonary, and dietary referrals. I do have a separate individual who does scheduling for just MRI. Naturally I get probably a dozen phone calls a day from her and it often feels like it would be easier to do the task myself!

— When we opened our cancer hospital in December, we began scheduling and coordinating return physician office visits, chemo therapy appointments, laboratory appointments, and imaging appointments directly with patients as they left their clinic visits. The physician gives a check sheet to the patient, identifying what needs to be scheduled and the staff retrieves the actual orders from the various systems. It has been quite successful and we have received positive feedback from our patients and clinicians who in the past would have made numerous phone calls to each department coordinating dates and times convenient for the patient.

— [For our particular scheduling application], it will be tricky since each modality has their unique needs or scenarios. Focus on the norm, not the exception. I would also recommend having someone with radiology knowledge being involved in the scheduling build. It’s important to understand the abilities and limitations of the system so you can apply any guidelines/rules appropriately. Good luck!

— All MI procedures are scheduled through central scheduling. We were able to build questions and information under each procedure to educate the scheduling staff, such as questioning if diabetic, pacemaker, etc. It has worked well but of course there are times in which there are issues. I suggest having someone very well educated with MI procedures. They definitely need some type of imaging background.

— [Regarding our particular centralized scheduling application], the schedulers came from imaging so they knew our flow.  We were able to add questions and stops for any areas, such as MR, pacemaker, etc. It has worked well for us. We also schedule sleep lab, cardiology, and surgery through that office.

To read more of this conversation and for more information about the AHRA Forum, click here.

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