The New AHRA Forum Is Here!

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By AHRA Staff

August 2010–AHRA has launched a new online discussion forum. Building upon the popularity of the AHRA List Server, the AHRA Forum is the next incarnation of a members only discussion group. It has new features, increased functionality, and incorporates a searchable archive of 90,000+ messages brought over from the List Server. Easily accessible, this networking tool enables real time dialogue among imaging professionals through AHRA’s website or via email. Users choose their subscription preferences:

  • If your subscription preference for the List Server was “mail” (you received all messages via email), note that there is a NEW email address to use when posting.
  • If your subscription preference for the List Server was “nomail” or “digest” nothing will change for you.
  • If you were not a subscriber to the List Server, this transition is a great time to begin talking to your colleagues!

Experience the new AHRA Forum for yourself. It has been designed to save you time, optimize your online experience, and guide you directly to the information you’re seeking.

Visit the AHRA Forum today, and thank you for choosing AHRA to provide the information you rely on to do your job better.

Have trouble remembering your username/password?

Change either one in your member profile to make
it easier to remember.

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