The RACC: Great Accomplishments!

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By Terry Dowd, CRA, FAHRA

July 2010–It has been my privilege in 2010 to be the AHRA Board of Directors liaison to the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC).  I have been very impressed by the members of the commission.

The 2010 RACC consists of the following members:

  • Chair, John Marshall
  • Vice Chair, Kimlyn Queen
  • Secretary, Luis Marquez
  • Director, Phyllis Butterworth (public member)
  • Director, Gary Duehring
  • Director, Enrico Perez
  • Director, Jacqui Rose
  • Board Liaison, Terry Dowd

Monthly conference calls are well organized by Chair John Marshall. Team members are well prepared and always focused on promoting the CRA credential and excellence in the imaging management profession.

The RACC and the AHRA are proud of their accomplishments.  The RACC mission and vision were recently revised to plan for the future and the commission looks forward to the challenges of the next 10 years. The American Academy of Medical Administrators recently recognized the CRA credential.

The CRA exam was totally re-engineered in 2010. Working with AHRA and CASTLE Worldwide, 12 CRA volunteers developed a completely new exam based on six references that concentrate on the five CRA domains. The exam focuses on both education and experience. There has also been a new fee schedule implemented for those wishing to take the exam.

If you are a CRA and interested in participating in the RACC, or if you would like to nominate a fellow CRA, there are two commission seats to be filled this year. New members will serve a 3 year term commencing January 1, 2011. See the CRA website for more information. It’s the perfect opportunity to participate with this dynamic group and shape the future of the CRA!

Terry Dowd, CRA, FAHRA, RT(R)(M) serves as the senior clinical manager at Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, AZ.  Terry has volunteered in a number of capacities for AHRA and has written extensively for AHRA publications.  She is currently a director on the 2009-2010 AHRA Board of Directors.  She can be reached at

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