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July 2010–Did You Know?
Did you know that you can now change your login to a username of your choosing? Get easier to remember access to online tools like the member directory, order history, and event registration. Go to your member profile or contact member services for details.

Check out AHRA’s Emeritus Status and Dues Waiver Program

Are you leaving your job due to retirement or layoffs?  Keep your AHRA membership active through our Emeritus and Dues Wavier programs.

Emeritus Status
In recognition of the loyalty and contributions of its long-standing members, AHRA established an Emeritus status. In order to be eligible for Emeritus status, an AHRA member must have a total of 15 years of current AHRA membership at the time of the request and no longer be employed in healthcare.

Individuals awarded AHRA Emeritus status may not vote or hold elected office but may continue to provide volunteer service to the organization.

Benefits of AHRA Emeritus status include:

  • Waiver of membership dues (Please Note:  Annual renewal of Emeritus status is required)
  • Access to the AHRA online membership directory
  • Subscription to AHRA’s monthly enewsletter, Link
  • Subscription to AHRA’s online List Server
  • Additional 10% discount off member prices for select AHRA products (eg, books, surveys)
  • Waiver of conference or seminar registration at one AHRA conference or seminar annually upon request
  • Reduced subscription fee (equal to half the regular subscription rate) for Radiology Management

To apply for Emeritus status, contact us online or call 800-334-2472.

Dues Waiver Program
The AHRAEF wishes to support members who have become unemployed by offering “AHRA’s Education Foundation Transition Package for Radiology Administrators.”

AHRA members who have become unemployed can apply for an extension of their AHRA membership, for up to one year, while the AHRA Education Foundation waives the membership dues.  Certain qualifications must be met and an application needs to be submitted.  Once accepted, the member will receive the full benefits of AHRA membership.

Dues Waiver Qualifications:

  • Current AHRA member
  • Currently unemployed and actively seeking employment in radiology management
  • Not working as a consultant

1.    Application for dues waiver must be submitted to AHRA.

2.    Once approved, the member will be notified of acceptance.

3.    After 6 months, the member will be billed for dues, but may continue the dues waiver by notifying AHRA of unemployed status.

4.    Upon employment, member will notify AHRA immediately.  Membership may be continued on a paid basis at that time.

To find out if you qualify for the Dues Waiver program, click here.

July Webinar: Tackling Recruitment and Retention: Picking and Maintaining the Best Team

By Ernie Stewart RT(R), CRA, MBA, MHSA

Thursday, July 22, 2010
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
Aimee J. Phillips, MS, RT(R)(M)(CV)(QM)
Marietta Memorial Hospital, Marietta, GA

Did you ever consider how much it costs you when you have to replace an employee?  Of course, there are the obvious expenses of recruiting, over-time, temporary staffing, and orientation. But what about the other intangible expenses such as decreased productivity, quality, and profitability, not to mention employee morale?  How much does this cost your organization?  It is no wonder that many companies have employee recruitment and retention as some of their highest priorities.

While not all turnover is bad, unwanted turnover has an extremely negative effect on the bottom line.  As managers, you have a lot invested in your employees and it is up to you to make sure that you invest wisely and protect your investments in your human assets. It is often said that employees do not leave jobs, they leave managers.  With turnover often being traced to management practices, it is critical for managers to recruit high quality employees and implement effective strategies to minimize the loss of your good employees.

Your speaker for this session is Aimee J. Phillips, RT(R)(M)(CV)(QM). In this session, Aimee will help you understand some of the physical, environmental, demographic, and stress-related factors that lead employees to consider leaving the company.  You will also learn how to implement some creative recruitment and effective retention strategies.

This webinar will be presented on Thursday, July 22, 2010 from 1-2 PM EST.  Click here to register.

New Members

The staff and members of AHRA warmly welcome the following new members!

Randall Bates, Franklin, TN
Cheryl Ann Beegle, Westminster, MD
Chuck Blevins, Marietta, OH
Lawrence Booker, Jr., Gallup, NM
Ladine Cruff, Fargo, ND
Peri De Orio, Washington, DC
Andleeb Dombrowski, Portland, OR
David Elkins, Atlanta, GA
Eric Fixsen, Edison, NJ
Vicky Godding, Enid, OK
Amishha Gujral, Philadelphia, PA
Robert Hardin, Gainesville, FL
Edwin Herrod, Atlanta, GA
Tim Karagounis, Lodi, CA
Kiff Mendoza, Tallahassee, FL
Patti Miles, Portland, OR
Nicole Miller, Saint Paul, MN
Karen Milton, Baxley, GA
Tonya Pick, Port Matilda, PA
Carolyn Purvis, Milton, KY
Kimberly Pyles, Lakeland, FL
William Ritchie, Louisville, KY
Jonna Roopas, Canton, GA
Gail Schwartz, York, PA
Tori Spencer, Fargo, ND
Sheryl Streich, Alexandria, MN
Marcella Volkmar, Lady Lake, FL
Beverly Woldow, Galloway, NJ
Jacqueline Wright, Washington, DC
David Canal, Monroe, LA
Leonard Cardinale, Goshen, NY
Cheri Friedl, Cape Coral, FL
Crystal Hilton, Yarmouth, NS Canada
Alejandro Ortiz, San Juan, PR
Jeff Tintzman, Whitefish, MT

Do you know someone who can benefit from an AHRA membership? Let us know! Send the contact information to our membership department at If your referral joins, you’ll be listed here as well!

Online Institute Feature

Professional Development Series:
Communication & Information Resources in Radiology

Chapter 13: Information Technology: A Value-Driven Approach

The dependency on IT in radiology has increased dramatically with the advent of improved image processing and computer-aided diagnosis, as well as the demand for greater specificity in the documentation of quality and outcomes. However, the use of these technologies is far from universal, and the techniques are implemented with varying results.The cost of these systems has slowed their adoption, but the lack of perceived or real value received from implementations has also contributed.This chapter offers approaches to improving the success of radiology IT projects. It describes how to plan for radiology IT and then select and implement it to provide the maximum benefit to the facility and the maximum impact on the quality of services delivered to customers.

To view this and other archived webinars, Quick Credit articles, Professional Development Series textbook chapters, and conference sessions, and to take the associated CE exams, click here.

From the List Server

The AHRA List Server is an online tool that allows you to network with other imaging professionals, in one common place.  Many AHRA members take advantage of this exclusive member benefit and use the List Server daily to share valuable information with their peers.

Below is a recent discussion:

“How does your registration department keep orders for patients registering for radiology procedures? We have lots of orders in cabinets for patients getting procedures. I am exploring options of electronic filing of orders. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.”

— Lori Smith, BSRT(R),RDMS, RDCS, RVT


— Admitting scans them into Meditech.

— Our orders are scanned into our HIS/RIS system when scheduled. That way Imaging or PFS can view them as needed.

— We began using DCR Tracker which has now been upgraded to Trace Pixcert, It is an electronic face server. This has been a god sent for our Department. All orders for all procedures are in the server and be accessed by whomever you allow. I will be happy to get you some contact information or answer any question s you have.

— Very few physicians have EMR so at the moment, the order is filed in central scheduling until procedure date. The pt is “preregistered” the day before procedure by registration and at this time the order is scanned into pts visit account. It’s scanned into a hospital wide system, Horizen Patient Folder.

— This is basically our process as well. The orders are in a paper file
until the patient is preregistered and then the order is scanned in to
Meditech. The paper copy is sent down to us with the preregistration
package so that the techs and radiologists can read the order as well.

— Our Admitting dept scan the orders into HPF – electronic file system.

To read more of this conversation and for more information about AHRA’s List Server, click here.

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