Presenting Your 2010-2011 AHRA Board of Directors Election Candidates

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By AHRA Staff

June 2010–Elections for the 2010-2011 AHRA Board of Directors and president-elect will take place online at beginning June 17, 2010 and ending at midnight July 14, 2010.  Voting is open to all members in good standing.

Complete candidate statements and histories may be found at:  Additional information about each candidate may be found in the featured member section of our Web site.

AHRA President-Elect Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Luann J. Culbreth, MEd, MBA, RT(R)(MR)(QM), CRA, FSMRT
Executive Director of Imaging
Saint Thomas
Health Services


I am interested in serving as President of AHRA’s Board of Directors because it is an opportunity to give back to the organization to which I give immense credit for providing me a foundation of understanding in radiology management that is matched only by diverse career experiences.

AHRA is its members.  While the gained friendships are long lasting, the networking, peer experiences, and vast resources of knowledge, education, and expertise are timely and acutely relevant.

My sincere interest in serving in this role is to work strategically to assure sustainability and growth of these assets, especially at a time of decreasing resources and opportunities as well as the ongoing reformation of healthcare.


Carlos E. Vasquez, CRA, FAHRA, MS
Division Director, Radiology Services
St. Elizabeth Regional Health


I am interested in serving as President of AHRA’s Board of Directors because I have dedicated my entire professional life to radiology management; AHRA has been my constant source of networking, mentorship, benchmarking, and educational development throughout my career. In 1998, I made a commitment to my then mentor, Monte Clinton, that I would give back to the AHRA by volunteering and getting involved. I believe I have kept my commitment pledge for the last 12 years.

In 2005, I was elected to the AHRA Board of Directors and I am currently serving a second term, which ends in 2011. My tenure serving on the board has given me the knowledge and opportunity to experience first hand what is expected of the president to effectively execute the mission and vision of AHRA from an operational and strategic stand.

Last, but certainly not least, I have more than 17 years before I can think of retirement and radiology management is what I know and love. Therefore, as long as I keep doing what I love, I want to continue to give back to the association that has given me so much, and this is what it is ultimately all about for me.


AHRA Director-at-Large Candidates (in alphabetical order):

Janice Eurton, CRA, MA
Manager Outpatient Imaging
Memorial Hospital

Having served as Fall Conference Design Team Chair in 2007, as well as having served on the 2009 and 2010 Annual Meeting Design Teams, I have experienced a spirit of camaraderie and solidarity in achieving educational goals, not experienced in any organization I have previously worked with.

The AHRA’s commitment to continued development of existing leaders and its effort to educate and develop future leaders is aligned strongly with my own goals and commitments. It is unfair in today’s healthcare arena to ask future leaders to train on the job with little or no support in the transition.  I strongly support the CRA credential and feel it will be a determining factor in the future selection of the industry’s best leaders.

I bring over 30 years of imaging experience to the table and will endeavor to contribute the knowledge gained from those years of experience and to support and promote the AHRA in a confident and professional manner. I believe in the AHRA and want to be a factor in its continued growth and development.

If elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to support and promote the CRA credential, support AHRA’s commitment to excellence and its educational goals and objectives, and promote the AHRA as the premier organization for imaging professionals.


David R. Fox, MBA, CRA
Assistant Vice President of Clinical & Emergency Services
Baptist Health – Little Rock

Incumbent Candidate

As the assistant vice president of clinical and emergency services for Baptist Health–Little Rock, I am responsible for administrative and technical oversight of the radiology department in directing and overseeing the organization’s strategic planning for imaging services throughout our seven hospital system. I’ve had the great fortune in my career to work and interact with staff, executives, physicians, community leaders, and those close to me personally—and from each of them, I have learned that it is our humanity that leads us to healthcare, where we experience great rewards and, occasionally, significant challenges. By holding firm to our purpose of improving the lives of others because of our common identity as humans, we take part in some of the most purposeful and worthwhile work to humanity.  My membership within AHRA has provided me exposure to a wealth of educational and networking opportunities, career preparedness, and standards for being a healthcare executive. The CRA credential is one example of these standards. I am proud to be a part of an organization whose code of ethics is fundamentally entrenched in its endeavors—and adhering to the code and achieving such standards is fostered and recognized.  Simply: I’m prepared to proudly represent and serve the membership, if elected to the board of directors by my peers.

If elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to serve the AHRA membership to my fullest capacity, support the current and future executive leadership of our elected membership, work to improve on recruitment for new membership into the AHRA, promote the CRA to the membership, and mentor future successors into board of director roles and committee.


Marci D. Paulk, MBA
Director of Radiology
Fort Walton Beach
Medical Center

As a member of the board of directors, I would dedicate myself to continuing to inform and educate our audiences and to positively influence their perception of the AHRA.  I would strive to increase AHRA membership/sponsorship participation by creating an environment where supporting us is the right thing to do.  I would participate in activities and events sponsored by the organization, and encourage participation of others.  I would also take personal responsibility through special assignments as required as they relate to the advancement of AHRA’s mission and services, policies, and programs, and be faithful to the mission and goals of the organization.  When acting on behalf of the organization, I would promise to always give priority to its interests, mission, and values.

If I am elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to help market the AHRA to increase membership; leverage my vendor relationships to help support the AHRA; and continue to increase the awareness of the AHRA through my professional, personal, and social networks.


Jason C. Theadore, MHA, CRA, RT(R)
Administrative Director, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
OhioHealth Neighborhood Care

My years of leadership experience in various systems have allowed me to develop skills to monitor a company’s financial performance and the success of its products, services, and strategies.  I have several years of experience working as secretary on a board of directors.  During that time, I enhanced my ability to follow developments that affect the business and set aside any potential conflict between my personal or individual business interests to support the wellbeing of the business I serve.

My passion for medical imaging and leadership development, along with my many skills and leadership experience, would allow me to be an effective member of the AHRA Board of Directors.

If I am elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to assure the AHRA vision of being the association of choice for leaders in medical imaging—the association will be a driving force toward improving the healthcare environment; assure AHRA’s desired goals and outcomes are achieved based on the strategic planning of our purposes, priorities, financial standing, and goals; and be a good steward in maintaining the world-class operation of the AHRA.


Ernie Stewart, RT(R), CRA, MBA, MHSA
Director, Medical Imaging Services
Medical Center at Garland

Incumbent Candidate

I attended my first AHRA meeting in 1999 and became a member shortly thereafter. I immediately knew that I had to be a part of this organization.  Over the last 10 years, I have had the opportunity to serve the organization in a variety of areas, from introducing speakers to serving as the 2008 Annual Meeting Design Team Chair.  Currently I am serving as Chair of the Webinar Design Team, as well as on the board of directors.  Through my experiences with AHRA, I have grown professionally and, more importantly, I have developed a great support network of friends and colleagues.

If elected to the board, I would serve in whatever capacity necessary to 1) help bring the same growth and development opportunities to the membership that I have experienced over the years and 2) encourage new membership through networking and outreach opportunities.

My professional experience in a variety of healthcare settings has given me the ability to be flexible and consider multiple points of view, while still taking action and getting the job done.  I would bring this set of skills and attributes to the board to stimulate different ways of looking at tasks and situations, focusing on the overall mission and vision of the AHRA.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for the AHRA Board of Directors.

If elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to help increase the exposure of the AHRA as the preeminent resource and organization dedicated to the growth and development of imaging leaders at all levels of management—I would like to see a continued and expanded focus on the up and coming imaging leaders of tomorrow; and to encourage and help the collegiality of the membership.


Cathleen Story, BS, CRA
Administrator, Diagnostic Services
Valley Health Network

It is a great honor and privilege to be nominated for the AHRA Board of Directors.  The contacts I have made within the AHRA over the years have been a valuable resource and benefit to me during my management career.  I feel that through my various volunteering activities with the AHRA, I have gained insight into the importance of the organization, and its mission to promote the field of radiology management.  My many years of management experience have prepared me to meet the day to day challenges of managing a busy radiology department.  I would like to be able to promote and influence the professional development of radiology managers and being an AHRA board member would help me to accomplish this goal.  I feel that my years of management experience will be a valuable asset to the board, and I feel well prepared to move forward in the organization.

If I am elected to the AHRA Board of Directors, my goals will be to encourage the membership to take the CRA exam and to include the credential in management job descriptions and postings; and mentor radiology managers by promoting AHRA educational activities and by participating in AHRA volunteer opportunities.

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