2010 Annual Meeting Preview: Anne Daley, “LEANing Radiology and the Patient Experience”

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By AHRA Staff

June 2010–As part of the Advanced Management track at the Annual Meeting in August, Anne Daley, MS, CMQOE, CSSBB, CLC, MT, DLM of

Chi Solutions, Inc., in Mesa, AZ will present “LEANing Radiology and the Patient Experience.”

The speaker will begin by introducing some general Lean concepts such as value analysis, waste reduction, and process variation. The participants will then learn how a “Leaned Out” Six Sigma simplified approach utilizing the DMAIC process improvement methodology can create rapid improvements. Basic tools discussed include project charter, functional deployment map, value stream map, fishbone analysis, affinity process, decision matrix, implementation plan, and control plan. Skills development exercises and simple templates will prepare participants to begin immediate application in their own organizations. A patient experience improvement case study will highlight many of the concepts and tools.

Link recently spoke to Anne Daley to get a feel for what attendees can expect from the presentation.

Link: What inspired you to present on this topic?

Anne Daley: Many imaging processes are designed around the capability of human resources, technology, and physical environments instead of patient expectations.  When focus is shifted to the patient experience, it is amazing how small process changes can significantly improve patient satisfaction and overall process efficiency at the same time. Sharing success stories on how some basic Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools can be applied will help stimulate improvement within other imaging services.

L: Why is your topic relevant to our members?

AD: Imaging services are constantly challenged to “do more with less.”   Applying basic Lean and Six Sigma concepts and tools helps to eliminate wasted activity in a process. The process then speeds up, resulting in faster patient throughput and improved cost efficiency.

L: How might your presentation impact an attendee’s job and/or organization?

AD: This presentation will expand attendees’ knowledge of and skill with process improvement concepts and tools. They will also discover how to apply these concepts and tools within their own organizations as well as become familiar with basic Lean and Six Sigma terminology.

L: What 5 words would you use to describe your presentation?

AD: Engaging, informative, participative, energetic, and fun.

L: How can attendees prepare for your session in order to get the most out of it?

AD: Attendees should come with a process critical to a patient’s experience in mind that is not efficient and needs improvement. As various concepts and tools are discussed during the session, attendees will begin to formulate how the methodology can be applied to their own processes. Consider it “just-in-time” learning!

L: What do you think attendees will be most surprised to learn from your presentation?

AD: They will be most surprised to learn how Lean and Six Sigma can be simplified and easily applied within their own organizations to increase process efficiency. The basic concepts and tools are common sense; however, as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Common sense is not necessarily common practice.”

L: If attendees were to remember one thing about your presentation, what would you most like it to be?

AD: The patient’s experience must be the critical focus of an imaging encounter and can be significantly improved by reducing wasted activities (applying Lean concepts and tools) within the many work processes they come across.

Anne T. Daley is the Senior Consultant of the Chi Solutions, Inc. in Mesa, AZ. She can be reached at adaley@chisolutionsinc.com.

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