Rad Toons

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By AHRA Staff

May 2010–

AHRA knows that laughter is often the best medicine. That’s why we’re publishing industry related cartoons in Link and letting you write the captions!

May Rad Toon

Check out the cartoon below and submit your idea for a caption to go in the thought bubble. In a few weeks, we’ll post the top entries for you to vote on.

The winning entry will be published in the next issue of Link!

Submit your suggestion in the comments section to the right.

April Winner

Winning caption from April 2010 issue of Link:

“I just asked for paper towels for the men’s room!”
Submitted by Charles Phaneuf, MEd, RT(R) of Newport News, VA.

* Got a suggestion for an upcoming Rad Toon?   Contact AHRA Associate Editor Emily Doutre at edoutre@ahraonline.org.


  1. So hooking up my playstation 3 to my workstation WAS a bad idea…..

  2. I remember the old days when the only thing that smoked in the reading room were the pulmonologists

  3. This is what happens when people who don’t know a thing about Radiology make decisions for us!

  4. Must be the radiologists trying to read all the vascular studies while the surgeons are still in the OR

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