RACC Insights from a New Commissioner

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By Enrico Perez, BS, RT, CRA

May 2010–I am one of the newer members of the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) and wanted to thank the CRAs for allowing me to represent you.

I was notified of the outcome of the election late in 2009. Our first conference call was right after the start of the new year, and my initiation process began with the very first conference call of 2010.

After the introduction to the committee, we were immediately brought into a group who not only was moving forward but also took the time to answer my questions and bring me and the other new members up to speed. We received all the information we needed to be productive in the upcoming meetings. This required reading of past minutes, reviewing the changes to the bylaws and organization, getting up to speed with work being accomplished to reengineer the CRA exam and the election of new officers for the commission. The transition was accomplished quickly, enabling the group to get right back on track and continue with tasks under consideration.

The phone conferences start on time and require we take time out of the day and really set time aside so we are not distracted by what is going on around us. I have learned how to use my phone headset to isolate me from my surroundings and focus on the call, which at times is a challenge, especially as the phones ring, emails come in, and the occasional beeper (when someone knows you’re there but not answering them).

The time on the call goes quickly, but I find it amazing how much is accomplished in the allotted time.  Then, for the month in between calls, we stay in touch via email, with the passing of ideas, comments, and questions.  The RACC has its tasks, but at the same time, others are working on the actual CRA exam questions, verifying references to make the test of such quality that the certification is broadly accepted as the credential for administrators in imaging across the industry.

It is very humbling to be part of the commission and the work that has been done and will continue to be done as we continue to strive towards higher recognition of the CRA credential.

Enrico Perez, BS, RT, CRA is a 2010 RACC Commissioner.  He is administrative director at Winthrop University Hospital’s department of radiology in Mineola, NY.  Rick has written extensively for Link and Convention Daily and has volunteered on the Spring Conference Design Team.  He can be reached at eperez@Winthrop.org.

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