Greetings From the 2010 RACC Chair

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By John Marshall, CRA, RCC, RT(R)

April 2010–It is my distinct honor to serve as the 2010 Chairman of the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC). Thanks to my predecessor, Michael R. Hughes, I have inherited both a dedicated team of commissioners and some ambitious objectives. I would like to take this opportunity to share our 2010 agenda and some of the projects we are currently working on.

Revised Mission and Vision
As the RACC starts its second decade of service, the commission has revised its mission and vision statements. The RACC is proud of its outreach efforts over its first decade, which have gained national recognition of the CRA as the credential of radiology management expertise. As the RACC begins its second decade, we have dedicated our efforts to insuring that all qualified individuals who devote the time and effort to preparing themselves have the opportunity to attain the CRA credential.

Mission Statement:
To promote individual recognition and verifiable excellence within the medical imaging management profession.

Vision Statement:
The RACC strives to be nationally recognized as the preferred standard for excellence in medical imaging management. We will provide value for CRAs, and create a challenging but attainable aspiration for individuals who wish to be known for their excellence in the imaging management profession.

The new vision statement clearly reflects our goal of serving today’s CRAs as well as those imaging managers or supervisors whose career goal is to someday serve as radiology administrator by becoming the CRAs of tomorrow.

The RACC is dedicated to serving our fellow CRAs while fostering open communication as a transparent governing body. Beginning in January 2010, the RACC has taken several steps to improve communication and transparency through increasing collaboration with the AHRA Board of Directors, posting all business meeting minutes online, and inviting CRAs to ‘sit in’ during the monthly RACC committee meetings (conference calls).

As requested by the RACC, the AHRA has appointed Terry Dowd, CRA to serve as a non-voting liaison to the commission. The RACC is pleased to have someone with Terry’s expertise join the team and the improvement in communication should be an advantage to both organizations.

The commission “let the sunshine in” a few months ago as we began posting all commission meeting minutes as well as RACC policies and procedures on the CRA Web site ( Please feel free to review the minutes at your leisure and contact any of the commissioners if you would like additional information. And please contact us if you have a suggestion for a future topic for the commission.

The RACC meetings are conducted by conference call on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 3:30 PM EST. If you would like to listen in, please contact Kathryn Keeler to obtain the conference call number and password for a particular meeting. You are welcome to join our virtual audience any time; however if you wish to address the RACC, please contact John Marshall to assist you in making those arrangements.

Re-Engineering the CRA Exam
Over the past nine years, the CRA exam has been updated regularly to ensure that it always measures the analytical, recall, application skills, and knowledge level required to be an effective imaging leader. In conjunction with the testing experts of CASTLE Worldwide, the RACC has continuously assured the relevancy of the exam while maintaining the highest standards for psychometric accuracy.

New exam content, based on suggested questions and verifiable references provided by existing CRAs, has been cycled into the exam on a regular basis. Unfortunately, as the number of valid questions multiplied, so did the number of references. This ever expanding reference list made it cumbersome to acquire and study the resulting plethora of reference materials.

During the CRA exam’s first decade, the resources were simply not available to have a finite number of radiology management reference books covering the key knowledge elements (domains). Thanks to the hard work of many expert authors, the AHRA has developed an excellent series of textbooks based on the CRA’s five domains: Asset Management, Human Resource Management, Fiscal Management, Communication and Information Management, and Operations Management.

Completely New CRA Exam
Thanks to the availability of these new radiology management reference materials, the RACC now has the tools needed to rededicate itself to the future by focusing the CRA exam towards aspiring radiology managers and supervisors as well as seasoned radiology administrators.

In collaboration with the AHRA, the RACC established a 2010 CRA Exam Task Force, composed of 12 distinguished CRA volunteers. The group was charged with producing a completely new CRA exam based on six references and focused on today’s managers, supervisors, and administrators who will become the CRAs of tomorrow.

The Radiology Administration Certification Commission is here to serve you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to continue to enhance the national recognition of the CRA credential and its value to you.

John Marshall, CRA, RCC, RT(R) serves as the 2010-2011 Chair of the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC).  John is the prospective payment coordinator at Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System in Sarasota, FL.  John has served on a number of AHRA committees and has written extensively for Link and Radiology Management. He can be reached at

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