RACC Announces All New CRA Exam

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By AHRA Staff

March 2010 — This February, the Radiology Administration Certification Commission (RACC) announced that the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) exam had undergone a thorough review and rewrite process—the new exam version will debut with the June 2010 computer based administration.  This completely updated CRA exam version has been intentionally reviewed for a variety of backgrounds and practice settings, featuring focused references and, for a limited time, special pricing. 

This is exciting news, and to help CRAs and CRA candidates understand what this means, below are a list of questions and answers about the new exam version.

Why did you do the review and rewrite?
After 8 years and over 1000 test administrations, we felt it was time to give the exam a thorough, top-to-bottom review.  Over the last 8 years, the exam has had new questions written and added, and old ones taken out, but the time had come for a more complete review of the entire exam tool.

Additionally, when the CRA exam debuted in 2002, there just weren’t the same kind of current, high quality, imaging administration specific books available to base the questions on.  Now, 8 years later, we have the luxury of being able to select a small group of well reviewed, readily available books as the exam reference set.  Not only is this a convenience for the exam writers, but it’s also an asset for people who want to prepare for the CRA exam—the 6 books are far more manageable and user friendly than the long list of books and articles previously used.

Where can I get these books?
Four of the books are currently available from AHRA.  Charles R. McConnell’s The Effective Health Care Supervisor is available from most large booksellers like Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com.   The fifth AHRA textbook, Operations Management in Radiology, will be available early to mid summer from AHRA.

Can I get the Operations Management book before the June exam?
See above: that book will not be available before the June computer based exam version, but should be ready in time to review it before the August 22 exam. 

Candidates should also understand that the questions in the Operations Management domain on the examare not limited to only the items addressed in the Operations Management book.  Operations Management questions are drawn from the other 5 references as well—while the AHRA books share the domain names, there is still some crossover in the range of topics addressed in the books compared with the domain definitions in the exam specifications. 

I’ve already been studying for the CRA—will any of my preparation help me on this new exam?
Good preparation for the old version will still be good preparation for the new version!  The topics tested on the exam are still the same; it’s the questions that are used to ask about this knowledge that have been updated.

Who did the rewrite?
The rewrite work was done by a group of 11 CRAs who represent a wide variety of backgrounds and practice settings, in conjunction with exam development experts from CASTLE Worldwide, Inc.  Each item on the exam was written by members of the group and reviewed by the group to insure it was fair, complete, and an applicable test of high achievement for all imaging managers.

Is the exam easier now?
Sorry, but no!  The exam is still challenging and designed to test for excellence in the skills, knowledge, and experience required of imaging management professionals—it is not easy, but we believe it is fair and attainable.

Interested in becoming a CRA?  More information and applications are available on our Web site.  For questions or a retake application, please contact Kathryn Keeler at 800-334-2472 or kkeeler@CRAinfo.org.

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